HealthTekPak to be published quarterly in 2021

Begun in 2019 and with several issues printed as a supplement to Packaging South Asia, HealthTekPak is seen as a standalone product in the coming year. In 2021, HealthTekPak as it is known on its daily updated web plaform will be published four times in March, June, September and December.

IPP Catalog publishes three other trade magazines (two monthlies and one bi-monthly) – Indian Printer & Publisher since 1979; Packaging South Asia since 2013; and, IndiFoodBev since August 2019.

HealthTekPak covers technology in the health sector. Its emphasis is on medical diagnostic equipment and medical devices and delivery systems and logistics which include the filling and sealing of pharma products and their packing and packaging.

An interesting context is creating by covering several aspects of the health and pharma technology sector, including public health sector communication, new technologies and innovations in pharma, research and development, packaging, automation, equipment and machinery, logistics, regulations and compliances.

The platform and its print magazine address the need gap for an ethical trade publication that can create an ‘interesting enough context’ with a mix of information and technology for suppliers and health and pharmaceutical industry technologists, buyers and investors. As a middle path between white coat research and applied tech and industry, the subject headings are – technologies and innovation, new pharma machinery and equipment, processing, filling and sealing, packaging, track and trace, and logistics.

The web platform and magazine have a special focus on public health infrastructure and are sensitive to the latest challenges faced by industries such as sustainability, environmental impact while covering health and pharma. Our coverage of national and international events, conferences, and workshops makes us the handy repository for the latest news and trends of the industry for a targeted audience of professionals. hopes to reach an average of 5,000 monthly views on its daily updated website. It also hopes to reach 5,000 health tech entrepreneurs, professionals and buyers with its fortnightly eZine by by June 2021. We plan to publish in print 1000 copies of HealthTekPack every quarter for paid subscribers with an additional 2000 copies of the eMagazine version being distributed to digital-only subscribers, influencers, and recognized professionals amongst brand owners.

The fortnightly eZine is sent to digital subscribers on every alternate Wednesday. Free copies were sent in the past year of our two print issues to grow the readership among Indian and overseas influencers and key professionals among brand owners, product managers and developers, researchers, machinery manufacturers, marketing experts, product and raw material buyers and suppliers, distributors, and academicians.

Available on subscription, the magazine and its website (updated on a daily basis) aim to provide a platform to connect entrepreneurs, technologists, professionals, and business managers in the health and pharma industry.

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