Home Industry News Neopac gets Hungaropack Award for digitally printed tube

Neopac gets Hungaropack Award for digitally printed tube

Neopac gets Hungaropack Award for digitally printed tube
Neopac has earned a Hungaropack Award from the Hungarian Association of Packaging & Materials Handling.

Neopac, a global provider of high-quality packaging and dosing applications for pharma, beauty and oral care, has earned a Hungaropack Award from the Hungarian Association of Packaging & Materials Handling. The distinction was bestowed for a novel digitally printed tube developed by Neopac for Herbária, a leading Hungary-based herbal products company. 

For Herbária’s popular Marigold Balm, Neopac, which is part of Hoffman Neopac – a global supplier of high-quality cans for the baby food, wellbeing and consumer goods industries – utilized its sophisticated digital print technology so that smaller, customized runs can be nimbly produced with substantially reduced lead times. The technique applies text and decorations directly to the product’s polyethylene (PE) tube. 

The advanced direct digital printing capabilities allow Herbária to stay in stock without over-ordering, limiting materials waste, transportation costs and storage requirements. 

The 100ml tubes for Herbária’s Marigold Balm are printed with high-resolution, photo-realistic graphics that vividly portray the product’s regenerative properties – a benefit achieved via the anti-inflammatory effects inherent in marigolds. The balm is the final product in a series-long collaboration between Herbária and Neopac, which is Hungary’s only plastic tubes manufacturer. 

“We are honored to receive this prestigious award that acknowledges our dedication to developing forward-thinking packaging solutions,” said Csaba Olah, Managing director at Neopac Hungary Kft. “This recognition is a testament to the hard work and commitment of our entire team, who continuously strive to create solutions that not only meet but exceed the needs of our customers.” 

The Canmaker Magazine awards Hoffmann 

Hoffmann Neopac was also recently recognized in The Canmaker Magazine’s annual competition for two of its recently launched can solutions. Specifically, the company’s resealable, airtight metal lid received a Gold Award in the “Ends, Caps & Closures” competition category.

The airtight metal lid was developed in collaboration with the customer and is made with an added food-safe compound that makes it ideal for coffee and other dry products. In countries with high humidity, products suffered from a short shelf life after first opening. Hoffmann’s latest metal lid for 3-piece cans in diameter 73 mm seals well and guarantees freshness and refillability. In addition, the packaging is fully recyclable in the metal stream.

The lid’s freshness seal is made possible by the precise placement of a food-safe sealing ring that presses on the rim of the can container when it is closed. The lids can be embossed for a customized design and are also available in a Green Steel version, with 70% less carbon emissions. In addition, the lid is stackable, making it easier to store and transport the cans.

In the Prototyping category, Hoffmann received a Bronze Award for its child-resistant all-metal can with high barrier. The fully recyclable cans are ideal for various products where child safety is a must, such as medical cannabis and certain foods and cosmetics. The all-metal cans are the company’s second generation of CR cans. The first generation still contained plastic inserts. By switching to all-metal construction, the cans are not only more recyclable, but keep fresh and provide protection from light. 

Hoffmann’s all-metal CR cans are lightweight, durable and can be labeled or offset printed. Both the lid and the body of the can can be decorated, providing enough space for branding and the necessary safety instructions. The cans also protect the taste and integrity of the product and are easy to fill, refill and reseal by hand. Most importantly, they protect children from unplanned ingestion of a product.

Hoffmann Neopac is a privately owned company, headquartered in Thun, Switzerland. The group produces high-quality metal and plastic packaging in six locations: HOFFMANN tins in Thun and Holland; Polyfoil and plastic tubes with NEOPAC in Switzerland, Hungary and the US; and 3D Neopac in India.

Its customers include international pharmaceutical, cosmetics and consumer goods manufacturers in the European, North American and Asian markets.


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