Domino showcases AX I30i and R Series marking engines at PackEx

Coding for anti-counterfeiting and regulatory compliance

Domino Printech India stand at PackEx India 2021. Photo HTP

Domino Printech India participated in the 15th PackEx India held from 2 – 4 December 2021 in New Delhi. At the firm’s second outing after the Covid-19 disruptions, Priyanka Tanwar of Packaging South Asia spoke with Tanuj Agrawal, vice president Sales – Coding & Marking, Domino Printech India at the event about their newly launched products.

Delighted to be at the New Delhi edition of the fair, Tanuj Agrawal stated, “After a very long time we have put up a physical display, and are pleased to see the footfall and the interactions of the visitors specific to the industry. The crisis has certainly eliminated casual visitors. We are looking forward to being present at more exhibitions if the market keeps recovering and things go well.”

Tanuj Agrawal, vice president Sales – Coding & Marking, Domino Printech India. Photo HTP

The Delhi NCR-based company showcased its coding and marking technologies. Domino Printech covers various marking and coding applications, on the different substrates used for packaging. He shares, “We provide the technologies to the customer to mark on the product on the packs and see to it that they can decorate the product with variable content. We offer multiple technologies depending on the requirements, applications, and substrates.”

Domino Printech India showcased its R Series visual inspection system at the recently concluded PackEx India 2021. Photo HTP

The R Series visual inspection systems were recently launched by Domino Printech India to assist companies the world over in their fight against counterfeit products. The global anti-counterfeit packaging market size is expected to grow from US$ 117.2 billion (approximately Rs 8,710 crore) in 2021 to US$ 211.3 billion (approximately Rs 15,704 crore) by 2026 with a CAGR of 12.5% for the five years, as reported by Markets and Markets. With this expected spike, manufacturing companies in all sectors are looking at brand protection measures to reduce the duplication and piracy of their goods. 

The global Covid-19 crisis which severely affected the supply chain of manufacturers the world over has encouraged the development of anti-counterfeit products in the past two pandemic years. It has thus become the responsibility of authentication technology providers to develop effective anti-counterfeit track and trace technologies and products to empower businesses with genuine brand protection solutions to tackle the piracy menace. Governments and corporations have introduced strict measures to limit the counterfeiting business and protect original branded goods while also ensuring the health and safety of consumers. According to the market research report, the encoding segment is expected to steer the anti-counterfeit in the forecast period.

Operational efficiencies and regulatory compliance

“Manufacturers are quite keen to see the higher operational efficiencies and the R series vision inspection system ensures that only the desired audited product leaves the factory – only the product which has the right code because immediately after the code is printed, our vision systems can inspect the product and detect the code. In case it doesn’t have a code, the product can be rejected. A manufacturing and packaging plant is assured that 100% coded, quality product is going to the market which also helps it attain regulatory compliance. In addition, the hassles of a product recall or any product complaints or any government body coming in and questioning that this particular product doesn’t have the right MRP or it is not readable, is avoided,” adds Agrawal.

Marking of consumer products is an end-of-line process in the packaging supply chain. Photo Domino Printech India

Apart from the R Series, Domino India has launched the AX I30i entry-level CIJ printer. Continuous inkjet is widely considered as one of the most versatile coding technologies for a spectrum of packaging substrates. The AX I30i solution is aimed at competitive developing markets and startup businesses. “It is targeted at the entry-level market with the startup businesses where they need a quality product at the right price point,” adds Agrawal. The AX I30i, with on-board monitoring and control, provides cost-effective batch coding solutions and comes with Domino’s 40-year rich experience and expertise and strong local support.

Note –  this article is from the Packaging South Asia January 2022 issue to be posted to subscribers on 4 January 2022.


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