Surface disinfectant for post-Covid packaging needs

Three primary preferences for disinfectants highlighted

Surface Disinfectant
On the go surface disinfectants with effective features

The impact of Covid-19 has raised many questions surrounding what consumers are looking for in an effective package and how they plan on using it. In conjunction with last year’s Covid-19 Foresight study, Aptar Beauty + Home recently conducted a consumer study in North America to better understand consumer preferences, priorities, and behaviors towards sanitizing surfaces while on the go. Research indicated there is a need for these solutions, as a majority of respondents stated they will continue to carry surface disinfectant after Covid-19 is no longer a threat. The top three must-haves for on-the-go disinfectant packaging are as below:

Leak Proof

Leaking packages are a major pain point for consumers. In fact, over 70% of respondents listed “Leak Proof” as their most important feature when using on-the-go surface disinfectants. Locking aerosol actuators can reduce the chances of unwanted spills both in the consumers’ handbag, as well as in product shipments such as with Apollo and Glide that are also eCommerce capable.

Surface disinfectant
Leak proof packages in Apollo and Glide products

Ease of Use

With over 60% of respondents sanitizing surfaces in grocery stores, public transport, and restaurants, it comes as no surprise that their disinfectant of choice must be easy to use. Brands seeking to offer convenience can once again look towards hoodless twist-to-lock actuators with no cap to remove for a fast and easy dispense. Pair with our SheerMist* insert for a soft, uniform, and quick drying spray that eliminates the need to wipe.

Surface disinfectant
Euromist Heaven provides increased coverage and application speed

Another convenient option would be to a fine mist pump. EuroMist* Heaven provides up to three times longer spray duration for increased coverage and speed in application – both of which were additional consumer needs highlighted in the study.


In terms of format, aerosols and pumps ranked well amongst respondents within choices for portability, with 85% of respondents stating that two to three ounce packages would be best for them to take on the go. Additionally, there is a very minimal gap in perceived efficacy across various formats, as long as portability demands are met.

Brands looking to put a new spin on their disinfectants for on-the-go can look towards packaging solutions like Stilo, which has a chic look for use in public and dispenses alcohol and aqueous formulas* in a variety of deluxe travel size formats (3.5 ml, 5 ml, 7.5ml and 10 ml vials). Stilo is also available in a screw-on neck finish for refillability, which served as a common wish from respondents for on-the-go disinfectants.

*Products are subject to testing depending on the formula


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