Anthill Ventures invites applications for healthtech startup program

Selected startups to get mentoring, funding advice

Anthill Ventures
The Lumos Health program is designed for startups with disruptive solutions and health technologies.

Anthill Ventures, a leading global venture capital firm and speed-scaling ecosystem, on 30 May announced the launch of a new cohort for its Lumos Health program. The program is designed for startups with disruptive solutions and health technologies with a focus on high-impact verticals such as oncology, fertility, maternal health, genomics, cutting edge diagnostic, digital health and longevity.

The program will provide startups with access to Anthill’s global network of investors, mentors, and industry experts, as well as a range of resources designed to help startups grow their businesses. 

The program has established new partnerships with the Mazumdar Shaw Medical Foundation, Kauvery Hospitals, DERBI Foundation and Makers Nest, providing startups with access to a total of 51 hospitals across India through partners. Startups will get enhanced opportunities, including access to modern wet lab facilities, invaluable clinical validation support, and comprehensive evaluation of their market-ready solutions. The program is supported by partner HealthCare Global (HCG), India’s largest cancer care provider.

The Lumos Health program will support startups on regulatory processes, funding advice and market access. Each selected startup will be matched with “speedscalers”. The clinical speedscalers will help startups through clinical validation and regulatory support. While business speedscalers will help startups strengthen their business model, GTM (go-to-market) strategy, and access to the market. Startups will also get access to the larger network and up to $1M worth of infrastructure support.

Prasad Vanga, founder and managing partner of Anthill Ventures said, “As a global venture capital ecosystem, we recognize the immense potential of innovative startups to drive meaningful change and solve real-world problems. With the launch of the new cohort for our Lumos Health program, we are committed to providing startups with the resources and expertise they need to succeed, and we look forward to supporting the next generation of entrepreneurs and disruptors”.

Paul Salins, managing director, Mazumdar Shaw Medical Foundation (MSMF) said, “Accelerate your startup’s growth with the game-changing ‘Speed Scale Your Startup’ program by Lumos Health from Anthill Ventures. I proudly endorse this program for its unwavering commitment to empowering startups. Lumos Health’s comprehensive support and strategic guidance have proven instrumental in scaling startups to new heights. Don’t miss out on this exceptional opportunity to supercharge your entrepreneurial journey. Embrace ‘Speed Scale Your Startup’ and unlock your venture’s true potential”.

In the previous cohort by Lumos Health, KroniKare raised their Series A round of funding and worked with the government of Singapore to deploy an altered use case of their solution for Covid monitoring. 

Lumos Health has evaluated over 500 startups and 11 startups successfully qualified for their scaling programs. The program invites startups with breakthrough solutions, technology, and innovation for the healthcare industry, an established product market fit with customers, and a clear growth strategy.


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