DataLeads launches Kruxd in online virtual session

Global health data initiative for post-Covid-19 ecosystem

DataLeads launches global health data initiative Kruxd

Amid the Covid-19 and health emergencies, DataLeads, an award-winning digital media, and information company has launched Kruxd, an Indian platform to provide access to global health data in a single location. The initiative was introduced virtually in an online session on 10 August 2021.

The Coronavirus pandemic around the world creates a need for stringent health research and innovation documentation and resources for developing health-related policies. This can be best supported with the availability of verified health data. But with the abundance of data, scattered across different platforms, it’s easy to lose your way while searching for what you are looking for. Hence, Kruxd is creating a data hub that will provide access to millions of comprehensive pre-cleaned health datasets in easy-to-comprehend and attractive visualization formats like infographics, dashboards, graphs, data files, and data blogs.

These visualization tools can filter crucial scientific information based on topic, region, year, indicators like prevalence, incidences, and deaths. Moreover, dashboards are needed for cancer, Covid-19, funding, and health. The Kruxd initiative houses data and studies from 75 countries across the world.

Anuja Venkatachalam, data editor at Kruxd says, “At Kruxd we aim to make global health data easily accessible for one and all. After all, why should anyone have to jump through hoops to get facts and figures that can save lives, help design better policies, and make sound data-based decisions? We have created a central hub of information flow on global health statistics. The data we maintain is assembled in such a way that it’s ready to be collected and analyzed, anywhere and anytime. We strive to use technology to make data more accessible, as accessibility improves transparency, and transparency brings trust.”

Anuja Venkatachalam, data editor at Kruxd

One can simply log onto to access the information. With Kruxd, you no longer need to spend all your time searching for and cleaning data sets. “At Kruxd we do all the cleaning and processing so everyone can have access to all the health data,” says Venkatachalam.

Handy for health journalism and media research too

This platform can be beneficial to doctors, medical health professionals, policymakers, researchers, medical students, and pharma companies. The information can also come in handy for data journalism and media research for news projects such as Covid-19 pandemic reporting.

Tariq Hashmat Tauheed, senior data analyst commented on the launch of Kruxd by saying, “Gathering and analyzing data requires time, effort and technical skill as data is collected from multiple sources and is often in un-processable formats. At Kruxd, we’re always chasing the next big thing, making health data accessible is just the first step. It’s a global good that each one of us can benefit from. We value building relationships and so here we are building a platform that brings us all together. We believe it’s time health data gets out of its silos and into your hands. Data should not be esoteric anymore. So let’s work together to bring an impact and to build a stronger future with trust, transparency, and accessibility.”

Kruxd membership plans

DataLeads is committed to creating awareness about health and hopes to make Kruxd the world’s largest database in health in the near future. Individuals and organizations can join Kruxd data initiative by signing up for a membership. The platform offers three membership plans, namely, the basic subscription plan for single users, the member plan for single users from organizations, and the enterprise plan for a 10-user team from an organization. The basic subscription plan is free while the member and enterprise membership plans are priced at US$ 30 and US$ 100 a year, respectively.

All Kruxd information comprises secondary and open data sourced from websites on the internet. The information clearly indicates the original data source in the data files.
Organizations looking to collaborate on a long-term data project can reach out to Kruxd on for primary data collection and analysis. One can also visit this platform to read data stories and commentaries on public health data.

The platform also looks forward to hosting events and knowledge exchange summits to share its data analysis with a wider audience. Other future extension plans include increasing the scale of the platform, adding research reports, collaborations with individuals and organizations, and capacity building. Kruxd platform is also open to internships for data analysts.

Kruxd is aiming to support making health data accessible to everyone, anytime and anywhere.


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