Agilent announces SureSelect XT HS2 RNA Reagent Kit

Streamlined solution for RNA and DNA-seq to simplify clinical NGS

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Agilent Technologies announced the release of the SureSelect XT HS2 RNA Reagent Kit. This solution features a modular design that enables a simple and parallel approach for RNA and DNA samples, allowing customers to streamline and consolidate their workflow without losing time optimizing different kits for different sample types. It marks the latest development in Agilent’s ongoing effort to improve NGS applications and workflows, leveraging the performance and versatility of XT HS2 chemistry.

“Agilent has innovated library prep and target enrichment for RNA and DNA into a parallel sequencing workflow,” says Kevin Meldrum, vice president and general manager of Agilent’s Genomics Division. “The new streamlined solution will help simplify the technician’s workday and provides fast turnaround time of only 1–2 days for library preparation regardless of sample type.”

According to Agilent, the SureSelect XT HS2 RNA Reagent Kit expands the NGS applications of the XT HS2 chemistry, allowing customers to accurately profile gene expression and detect RNA fusions using low-input FFPE samples. The addition of this kit distinguishes Agilent as the leading vendor in the industry to offer a complete end-to-end NGS sample prep solution from sample QC, library prep and target enrichment, automation, and data analysis, backed by a simple and easy one-stop-shop ordering and support experience.

The kit is anticipated to improve efficiency significantly, especially in labs processing DNA and RNA samples for NGS applications. “This new solution delivers fast turnaround time so we can spend less time on wet lab work and focus more on results,” says Georges A Belderbos, head of marketing and sales for NEO New Oncology GmbH. “FFPE compatibility and a parallel workflow to the XT HS2 DNA kit simplified implementation so we could start detecting RNA fusions quickly.”

SureSelect XT HS2 RNA supports 384 unique dual sample indexes (UDIs) and allows customers to multiplex hundreds of samples in one sequencing run without worrying about index hopping. It features molecular barcodes for more efficient deduplication of sequencing reads and more accurate gene expression analysis. SureSelect XT HS2 RNA may be purchased with Ampure and Streptavidin beads as part of a complete kit.


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