Ecom Express announces its initiatives for Covid relief

Vaccination camps set up for employees and their families

Ecom Express sets up Covid vaccination camps for employees across multiple locations in India
Ecom Express sets up Covid vaccination camps for employees across multiple locations in India

Ecom Express, a leading tech-enabled end-to-end logistics solutions provider to the Indian e-commerce industry, has announced initiatives for Covid relief, which include setting up Covid vaccination camps for employees across multiple locations in India. These camps will be organized at the company’s offices and warehouses, and beneficiaries will include a contractual workforce covering more than 45,000 people. 

This will be one of the slew of initiatives taken by the company this year in collaboration with the government and local medical bodies. It will be using its own infrastructure besides taking additional spaces across district towns and villages such as schools, community halls, etc., to set up the vaccination camps. The drive will also be extended to the families of employees and the community. 

Speaking on the initiative, T.A. Krishnan, CEO, and Co-Founder, Ecom Express, says, “The health and well-being of our employees are paramount, and so is that of their families and people around them. We are encouraging and educating our employees, especially the vulnerable ones, for their active participation in this vaccination drive and bringing their family and community to be a part of this program.” 

“We will extend full support to the medical bodies in the logistics and management of this drive. Our employees at these camps will also be helping citizens who cannot register themselves for the covid-vaccination with the registration process. In furtherance of our support to the cause, we have connected with hospitals and NGOs to provide logistical assistance for transportation of essential items anywhere in the country,’’ he added.

Ecom Express procured oxygen concentrators for employees in emergencies

The company has procured oxygen concentrators for employees to avail in case of medical emergencies. The pool of concentrators will be kept at the company’s facilities for distribution to employees and their families. In addition, an internal emergency response team has been set up to provide information on doctors, ambulance services, lab tests, medical insurance, and oxygen supplies for the benefit of employees. 

Keeping mental wellness of employees as one of its top priorities, the company has been organizing frequent webinars, and online sessions with experts and counselors to provide everyone the much-needed mental health conversation and have initiated various employee-engagement programs to keep teams motivated.



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