Glenmark launches Sitagliptin and its fixed dose combinations

Affordable price for adults with Type 2 Diabetes in India

Glenmark launches Sitagliptin and its Fixed Dose Combinations.

Glenmark has launched sitagliptin and its Fixed Dose Combinations (FDCs), at affordable prices for adults with Type 2 diabetes in India. The company has introduced 8 different combinations of sitagliptin-based drugs under the brand name Sitazit and its variants at affordable prices.

Glenmark’s Sitazit and its variants will play an instrumental role in raising the accessibility of sitagliptin to type-2 diabetic patients, which is considered the gold standard molecule in DPP4 inhibitor therapy. It will help the patients to manage their glycemic level effectively and bring better compliance. These medicines have a low risk of hypoglycemia, provide beta cell protection, offer cardio-renal benefits, and are safe for patients with kidney or liver conditions and senior citizens.

In chronic diseases like Type 2 diabetes, patients are required to consume multiple anti-diabetic drugs for prolonged periods of time. Moreover, in India, patients have to bear the drug cost on their own and so the price of the drug becomes a major factor that impacts treatment adherence. Glenmark’s sitagliptin and its FDCs are priced at around one-third of the cost of its innovator brand in India.

The medicines will be available under the brand name Sitazit, Sitazit- M, Sitazit- M ER, and Sitazit D.  Each of these brands will have two different variants – Sitazit (sitagliptin) will be available in 50 mg and 100 mg variants, Sitazit M will have sitagliptin (50 mg) + metformin (500 mg/ 1000 mg), Sitazit M ER will have sitagliptin (100 mg) + metformin SR (500 mg/ 1000 mg). The brand Sitazit D is a new combination with two variants Sitazit D 100/10, which will have sitagliptin (100 mg) + dapagliflozin (10 mg) and Sitazit D 50/5 which will have sitagliptin (50 mg) + dapagliflozin (5 mg).

In 2015, Glenmark revolutionized the diabetes market by launching its DPP4 inhibitor – teneligliptin at a price that was approximately 55% lower than the other DPP4 inhibitors available in India at that time. Continuing the legacy, Glenmark launched its globally researched, innovator molecule remogliflozin in 2019, at a price around 55% lesser than other SGLT2 inhibitors available in the Indian market at that time. In the subsequent years, 2020 and 2021, Glenmark became the first company in the world to launch remogliflozin + vildagliptin FDC and remogliflozin + vildagliptin + metformin FDC respectively.


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