Lotus Eye Hospital message for 2022 — ‘See the world better’

Focuses on helping people achieve better eyesight

Lotus Eye Hospital
Lotus Eye Hospital and Institute reveals their message for 2022 - See The World Better. photo Lotuseye

Lotus Eye Hospital and Institute reveal their vision for 2022. The hospital elaborately plans to expand its reach by addressing the lack of awareness among people about the latest technologies and developments in eye care.

The campaign named ‘See The World Better’ focuses on helping people achieve better eyesight with the help of Lotus’s ophthalmology experts and advanced technology.

The vision of the campaign ‘See The World Better’ is to remind and urge people to take action to improve their eyesight.

India has a growing population with eye diseases that can turn to blindness if untreated. The primary focus of this campaign is to bring awareness about the importance of proper eye care and encourage people to seek professional help before it is too late for their eyes.

With the help of technological advancements and an expert panel of doctors, Lotus has been providing the best eye care in the sector for the past 32 years. Lotus currently has five high-tech eye care centers in Tamil Nadu and two in Kerala.

“We are on a mission to provide the best eye care in South India. Accessibility to better eye care and awareness of the latest advancements are the challenges our people face now. This year, we will be reaching out to them with our campaign ‘See The World Better’,” says Sangeetha Sundaramoorthy, managing director, Lotus Eye Hospital and Institute.

“There are more advanced eye treatments available currently. Yet, our people keep going for the traditional ways of eye treatments. Methods like ReLEx SMILE and LRCS have proven to be highly efficient than their forerunners like the LASIK treatment and traditional cataract-removal surgery. These treatments can save everyone’s time and in certain cases, their eyesight also. People should be more aware of these treatment options. With this year’s proactive campaign, the hospital is taking leadership to reach out to the common masses,” added Dr RJ Madhusudan, medical director, Lotus Eye Hospital and Institute.


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