Pratham Technologies unveils cartoning machine at PMEC 2023

Addressing packaging requirements of the pharma industry

Sanket Selmokar of Pratham Technologies at CPHI-PMEC 2023. Photo HTP

Pratham Technologies, a leading Pune-based manufacturer of printing and packaging machinery, unveiled its latest innovation, the Superpack Cartoprintinspect cartoning machine, at the CPHI & PMEC 2023 exhibition, which took place from 28-30 November in Greater Noida. The machine offers a combination of cartoning, inline insert folding, and vision inspection system, all developed in-house by Pratham Technologies.

Designed specifically for the pharmaceutical industry, the Superpack Cartoprintinspect can process cartons at a speed of 200 cartons per minute.

“We are excited to introduce our latest innovation, the Superpack Cartoprintinspect cartoning machine, to the pharmaceutical industry,” Sanket Selmokar, sales leader, pharma division, Pratham Technologies, said. “The cartons processed on this can be used to pack items such as ampules, blisters, pouches, etc.”

The Superpack Cartoprintinspect has already garnered significant interest from potential customers across India. “We have received several promising inquiries for the Superpack machine,” stated Selmokar. “We are committed to providing our customers with customized solutions that perfectly align with their specific requirements.”


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