HMPL offers a gateway to liquid packaging solution


Ahmedabad-headquartered HariKrushna Machinetech (HMPL) is a 19-year-old organization having more than 8000+ installations in around 49 countries including India. The company is a manufacturer and exporter of advanced liquid packaging and processing machinery for pharmaceutical, food and beverages, cosmetics, distilleries and other liquid-based manufacturing industries.

Free-flowing aqueous to viscous liquids

Speaking about the company Maulik V Dave, managing director at HariKrushna Machinetech said, “We are the leader in the liquid packaging segment. Since our establishment, we are focusing on the liquid segment. Today we offer our packaging solutions to pharmaceuticals, dairy, beverages, cosmetics, pesticides, edible oil and other liquid products manufacturing industries. Our solutions are useful for free-flowing aqueous to viscous liquids with a volume range between 0.1 ml and 5 liters.”

Dave further added that the company also offers complete packaging lines based on the need of customers. These include washing machines, filling machines, capping machines, labeling machines, shrink sleeve applicators, measuring cup placing machines and packing conveyors.

Filling systems

Several innovations are taking place in the filling system segment. Dave shared that HMPL offers automatic and semi-automatic filling machines, for example, vacuum filling machines, timer filling machines, peristaltic filling machines, piston filling machines, volumetric liquid filling machines and filling machines with servo system. Explaining the filling machines with servo systems, he said, “This machine is user-friendly and requires very less maintenance because of less usage of the mechanical part. It can fill volumes from 10 to 1000 milliliters without changing part of the syringes, with a viscosity of water to honey.”

Capping and sealing

According to him, HMPL is a leading manufacturer and supplier in the liquid packaging segment and capping machines in India. The company offers capping systems such as automatic rotary or screw capping machine, vial capping machine for aluminum cap sealing and flip off cap sealing, automatic bottle capping machine and induction cap sealing machine. The capping machines claim to give an output speed of 40 to 150 BPM/VPM while the sealing machine claims to give an output speed of 20 to 30 seals per minute for semi-automatic and 90 to 120 seals per minute for automatic.

Speaking about the affordability of these packaging solutions, Dave said, “Every industry is looking for reasonable and cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality and getting a good output speed. We take care of all these parameters and because of this HMPL is getting repetitive business from the last 18 to 19 years.”

Safety comes first

Commenting on the safety and quality parameters of the HMPL machines, Dave said, “Since the inception of our business we have kept our focus on all the quality aspects. We follow all guidelines for good manufacturing practices. Safety is the first feature for our team. Today, customers are looking for automatic solutions that require less labor. We use latest technologies in our machines to map the quality of the machine as well as consumers’ requirements.”

He further added, “We are using high switching frequency fiber optic sensors in our machines. To ensure human safety we take care of all the operating parts which should not be open. We cover all those parts and measure the quality parameters for the same.”

HMPL is the first company in the liquid filling segment who has received CE certification in 2001 and they are maintaining it and moving ahead with all these certifications.

Clients and vision

The company started its business in 2000 with a sticker labeling machine. Commenting on the future vision, Dave said, “We want to develop high-end, high-speed machines using the latest technologies.”

The company is managing a huge client base in pharmaceutical, food and beverages, cosmetics and distilleries. This includes Dabur, Carlsberg, MTR, Amul, Glenmark, Dr Reddy’s, Cipla, Britannia, Sun Pharma and more.


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