ACG’s upcoming webinar on Wurster process scale-up

Unlock the secrets of effective Wurster scale-up processes

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For pharma manufacturers, scale-up has always remained a critical process, and why not? If done correctly, it can put your commercial production on the success track. Otherwise, it just catapults your R&D and production people into a series of chaos leading to a tremendous waste of money, time, and resources. The work becomes more difficult when it is a Wurster coating.

However, the Wurster scale-up is not an impossible task. All it needs is to focus on the right things. And that’s what you’ll learn in the upcoming ACG webinar, where ACG process expert, Vasant Shetty, will unlock the secrets of effective Wurster scale-up processes. The webinar on ‘Wurster process scale-up – From A to Z’ will take place on 23 September 2021 at 1500 hrs IST.

Attendees will get an opportunity to understand the critical factors in the Wurster process; know the importance of selecting right bottom plates; learn how to use DoE studies for assessing the impact of scale-up parameters; and get insights into the real case studies.

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