Amrita Hospital Faridabad launches asthma clinic

Focused attention and access to asthma treatments

Amrita hospital officials at the launch of the asthma clinic.

In order to provide a better quality of life for patients suffering from severe asthma, Amrita Hospital Faridabad has launched a specialized clinic where people with severe asthma will get focused attention and access to the best treatments available.

The department of Pulmonary Medicine at Amrita Hospital in Faridabad will be a one-stop shop for asthma patients of all severity levels. The clinic aims to provide comprehensive and high-quality care to patients. 

Launching the specialty precision clinic on 22 January 2023, Dr. Sanjeev K. Singh, medical director, Amrita Hospital Faridabad, said, “Bronchial asthma is a common yet poorly managed respiratory ailment in our country. Patients with asthma require comprehensive management of their disease and very often need specialist advice for their management. Those with severe asthma need certain investigations and management protocols, which are only available at a few specialist centers. The facility will offer cutting-edge medical services to those suffering from an extreme form of asthma. We are delighted to launch this precision clinic that will be a benchmark in healthcare excellence and will be patient-centric, affordable, and accessible to all segments of the population.”

Dr. Arjun Khanna, head of the department of pulmonary medicine said, “This would be the first clinic of its kind in this part of the country, where the overall load of asthma patients is extremely high. All investigations that are relevant to asthma would be done under one roof. There are a number of instruments and diagnostic modalities that are not available in most of the hospitals in North India. The clinic’s true USP is that the most advanced tests are all available under the same roof, at the same time.”

Dr Sourabh Pahuja, consultant, department of pulmonary medicine, said patients with very severe asthma require certain drugs such as biologics. “So, testing for those who are eligible for biologics is also available at our center. This assessment requires special tests such as skin prick test, IOS ( impulse oscillometry), and FeNo (fractional exhaled nitric oxide), which are all available to us. With these facilities, we can check for asthma in very young patients. So even pediatric patients will benefit.”

The clinic will remain open every Tuesday.


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