Apollo Laundry launches infection control laundry system for hospitals in India

Infection control laundry system equipped with barrier technology for hospitals

Apollo Laundry
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Apollo Laundry, an end-to-end laundry solutions provider, has launched an infection control laundry system with said unique barrier technology for India’s hospitals. Currently, the hospital laundry is often handled in an unhygienic manner, resulting in many types of infections. Against this backdrop, Apollo Laundry has emerged to serve customers by providing the world’s professional, hygienic laundry services at uncompromising quality, reliability, and performance levels.

Generally, in hospitals, patient linen is washed by desi dhobis or washermen using only one side access while the clean and soiled linen is placed on the same side. So, there is every possibility of contamination of bacteria and germs from soiled to clean linen, completely unsafe for patients. On the other hand, Apollo Laundry uses barrier technology introduced in India, which emphasizes minimizing physical contact and offers a functional separation of cleaned and soiled textiles.

In this way, Apollo Laundry ensures no contamination of clean and dirty linen by operating two-door accesses. The linen and operators are kept separate from the soiled and fresh linen area. Moreover, no manual intervention can be done in the machine, and it maintains the adequate quality of chemicals and water temperature to ensure that the germs are destroyed.

Bindu Goyal, managing director, Apollo Laundry, and Linen Services, said, “At Apollo Laundry, we recognize the essential difference between visibly clean and hygienically clean linen, and meet the emerging standards for microbiological control in hospitals with our laundry solutions. We are committed to serve the customers by providing the world’s professional hygienic laundry services and at uncompromising levels of quality, reliability and performance.”

Functioning as hygiene watchdog, the Laundry Cycle Management of Apollo Laundry is equipped with barrier control technology, which covers all elements ranging from collecting, pre-sorting, and sorting of dirty linen to transporting clean linen back to the wards, most notably with a marked separation of clean and dirty sides.

There is an essential difference between visibly clean and hygienically clean, and Apollo Laundry ensures both with its state-of-the-art cleaning processes and barrier technology. Due to its strong competitive edge, Apollo Laundry has been serving some of the biggest names in the hospital industry, including Fortis, Sehgal Neo Hospital, Max Healthcare, CK Birla Hospitals CMRI, NH Narayana Health, and Artemis Hospitals, to name a few among others.

In the current pandemic, when the spread of Covid-19 has put the lives on tenterhooks, the significance of hygienically clean linen in the hospitals cannot be overlooked. Apollo Laundry has, in the meanwhile, revolutionized the laundry industry with its unique Infection Control Laundry System with barrier technology for Hospitals.


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