Aptar receives award for expanding production capacity for its Activ‐Film technology

The technology ensured the integrity and accuracy of the Covid‐19 test kit

Aptar being awarded for expanding production capacity for its Activ‐Film technology used in Covid‐19 test kits
Aptar being awarded for expanding production capacity for its Activ‐Film technology used in Covid‐19 test kits

Aptar CSP’s Activ‐Film technology is seamlessly integrated into diagnostic dipsticks and lateral flow cassettes to protect diagnostic tests from moisture or other environmental degradants that can impact test integrity and accuracy. Activ‐Film leverages Aptar’s proprietary 3‐Phase Activ‐Polymer platform technology to provide broad-spectrum, custom‐engineered protection delivered in various configurations. The technology is formulated to adsorb a specific amount of moisture and other compounds at a customized rate, creating a consistent microclimate throughout the supply chain.

“We are honored to partner with the U.S. government to deliver a much-needed capacity expansion of our technology to support Covid‐19 antigen at‐home self‐tests,” said John Belfance, President of Aptar CSP Technologies. The contract, funded by the 2021 America Rescue Plan Act 3080, provides for the procurement of equipment and machinery needed to increase Activ‐Film material production at Aptar CSP’s Auburn, Alabama plant. Completion of this effort is expected in early 2023.

Aptar’s technology being used on different diagnostic test kits

Aptar CSP’s active material science platform technology is currently used to protect a range of electrochemical, lateral flow, and molecular diagnostic test kits on the market today. Additionally, the technology is utilized in various configurations for a wide range of application fields such as oral solid dose drugs, transdermal drug delivery, medical devices, and probiotics. The technology can be engineered to adsorb moisture, scavenge odor, oxygen, or VOCs, emit aromas, or reduce pathogens.

“The continued need for testing to mitigate the spread of Covid‐19 along with pandemic‐driven supply chain challenges has led to increased demand for our active material science solutions in the diagnostics space,” said Badre Hammond, vice-president commercial operations, Aptar CSP Technologies. “Building on current capacity, this funding will enable current and future partners to expand access to reliable diagnostic solutions for infectious diseases.”



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