Ayu Devices innovates Digital Stethoscope for COVID -19

Digital Stethoscope helps in the diagnosis of heart and lungs

AyuSynk: Ayu Device's Digital Stethoscope for COVID-19
AyuSynk: Ayu Devices' Digital Stethoscope for COVID-19

Ayu Devices is spun out of BETIC, IIT BOMBAY, and is supported by BIRAC, DBT- Government Of India. The company made India’s first indigenous Digital Stethoscope which can amplify the heart and lungs sound up to 16 times, making it very clear for the diagnosis of heart murmurs and lungs abnormalities

Through their Medical Innovation, they have tried to help control the number of misdiagnosed cases of heart and lung problems, especially in the rural areas. The stethoscope can also record the heart sounds and can also share it simply through WhatsApp. It finds great utility in the Medical field, where we find innumerable misdiagnosis cases and congenital heart diseases due to which so many children die because of untimely diagnosis. 

The auscultated sounds can be sent from remote periphery locations that lack medical facilities to our country’s best physicians. This can help in proper analysis and diagnosis of the abnormalities faced by people, thus bridging the gap between patients from remote areas and the best medical advisors.

Ayu Devices’ AyuSynk made especially for the COVID-19 crisis

Digital Stethoscope AyuSynk is specifically helping to fight the COVID-19 crisis. We are promoting Doctor-Patient Distancing with stethoscopes, as we can take auscultations even while wearing the PPE protective suit through our Bluetooth connectivity, thereby keeping our health workforce very safe.

Also, in almost all the corona patients, symptoms of Pneumonia are found with very specific wheezing and crackles in the auscultations. Through the amplification feature in Stethoscopes, doctors can amplify the volume and then listen to the lung sounds.

Digital Stethoscope AyuSynk can be used in primary health care centers to record abnormal auscultation sounds, which can be sent to expert physicians for further diagnosis, thereby overcoming the problem of the low ratio of doctors to many people in India (1:1800), which is considerably low when compared to the minimum recommended doctor to population ratio of 1:1000 set by WHO.

The recording and playback feature will facilitate the inclusion of auscultated sounds in patients’ medical records and create a repository of recorded abnormal sounds, providing a rapid learning curve to medical students who are the future of a Healthier India

The device provides the ability to convert an existing stethoscope to smart by just adding an attachment. This makes the device a low-cost solution for the early detection of heart and lung diseases. By detecting heart and lung diseases at the early stages, the progression of the disease can be prevented. This reduces the economic burden on the patients, family members, and tertiary care hospitals. Thereby reducing the economic burden on the country.


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