Biological E to leverage its non-vaccines business

Biological E to push its non-vaccines business in the coming 3 years

Biological E expands beyond vaccines
Biological E expands beyond vaccines (Image: Simone van der Koelen, Pexels)

Biological E is a biologics firm based in Hyderabad. It is working to widen the non-vaccine operation of its branded pharmaceuticals’ formulation and the complicated injectables in the upcoming 3 years.

Efforts are being made to push the brand to a sizeable scale.

The expected turnover

The private company, Biological E, got about Rs 1,000 crore turnover. And about 70% to 80% is being brought in by its vaccines business currently.

As per the Business Standard, the company targets to push its business of branded formulations to a turnover of more than Rs 1,000 crore by the end of 2025 and its business of complex injectables to a turnover of Rs 2,000 to 2,500 crores within the same time. Consequently, the vaccine business will grow as Biological E wants to become the largest vaccine maker in the world in the foreseeable 3-4 years.

The growth of Biological E

Heparin injection was first launched by Biological E in India, according to the chief operating officer of vaccine and domestic branded formulations, Lakhsminarayana Neti. He further told the Business Standard that at present the company is one of the leading suppliers of cough medications based on Noscapine and Heparin. Biological E primarily functions in the segment of acute therapy, and its portfolio of products covers cough management, respiratory, nutraceuticals, gastrointestinal, analgesics, anti-infective, and critical care.

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The company is one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers of poly-valent life-saving anti-snake venom in the country. The company is all set to strengthen its heritage brands because they have been experiencing crucial patronage already among the practitioners of healthcare. The company is also focusing on improving all these brands’ reach over India. Their effective sales team allows the company to reach more than 1 lakh doctors in the country.

The modernization of sales operation for enhanced CAGR

The modernization of sales operation has allowed Biological E to make significant improvements and has expanded at 26% CAGR in the last 3 years. The company wants to develop a complex generic every 2 years and already has invested over Rs 250 crores so far.

Biological E’s specialty generic injectables chief operating officer, Madhusudan Rao, said to the Business Standard that the firm has already ventured in the past 7 years into the field of complex generics.

The complex generics pipeline products of BE are in long-acting injectables, iron complexes, low molecular weight heparins, and peptides having backward integration into the APIs. For its first complex generic, Biological E expects approval soon.
It possesses a powerful R&D team constituting 225 people and has 2 manufacturing facilities. EU, USFDA, and other primary regulatory bodies have inspected one facility of Biological E.

Products are also being filed by BE in the US, EU, ROW, and Canada markets. Biological E has a direct presence in the market of the USA, and it operates with partners in the ROW and EU markets. Till now, 10 ANDAs are being filed by BE, and it also possesses 4 products in the US market, along with several products in the pipeline.


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