Clariant wins Frost & Sullivan 2020 New Product Innovation Award

Natural active ingredient Prenylium exhibits strong anti-aging properties

Clariant wins Frost & Sullivan 2020 New Product Innovation Award

The premium root-power active ingredient Prenylium is acknowledged as a “breakthrough” ingredient for anti-aging. Clariant Active Ingredients is the recipient of the Frost & Sullivan 2020 New Product Innovation Award in the European sustainable anti-aging active ingredient industry.

Clariant’s recently launched Prenylium, which uses the skin matrisome concept to fight aging, is recognized as leading the category in terms of innovation, new product attributes, and customer impact. Frost & Sullivan assessed the new highly-concentrated extract of morus alba root, a centuries-old trusted ingredient in traditional Chinese medicine, against a number of benchmark criteria, including match to customer needs, reliability and quality, positioning, and customer experience. Its industry research findings show consumer expectations are met across these areas, contributing to Clariant’s leading position.

Clariant receives praise from Frost & Sullivan for ensuring that evolving consumer trends and potential opportunities remain the touchstone for its development of highly functional, quality active ingredients that balance economic and performance value with sustainability commitments. Prenylium exemplifies leadership by catering to the growing demand for anti-aging, natural, and effective sustainable products, helping the company to stand out from its peers.

Commenting on the award winner, Frost & Sullivan analyst Prateeksha Kaul said: “Even though the global personal care industry is witnessing significant growth, strict regulatory guidelines and changing consumer preferences have hampered the innovation of active ingredients. With its customer-oriented portfolio, focused on exceptional quality and efficacy and fully aligned with consumers’ requirements, Clariant has overcome these industry challenges and has reinforced its position as a leading market participant. The company’s breakthrough Prenylium ingredient has gained consumer interest as a powerful and sustainable anti-aging ingredient.”

Prenylium illustrates Clariant’s innovative approach to helping customers proactively respond to evolving trends through nature-derived, highly efficient, and unique active ingredients. Rigorously trialed aeroponic growth conditions, which require minimal water use and ensure plants have access to the best nutrients, are complemented by the use of non-destructive plant milking technology to obtain the extract. These practices ensure ingredient sourcing is sustainable, 100% traceable, and on par with quality expectations.

Thanks to its rigorous cultivation environment, Prenylium extract contains a 2000% higher concentration of prenylated flavonoids than traditional morus alba root extract. These flavonoids provide a powerful tool to naturally protect the skin matrisome from degradation and inhibit the enzyme, which induces collagen damage. Clinical trials prove the active’s highly effective contribution to anti-aging and well-aging skincare needs. Deepest wrinkles were reduced by -12.7% after four weeks and by -16.6% after eight weeks. Data revealed good improvements in smoothness, supporting skin youthfulness. Skin plumping improved by 13.4% after eight weeks.

Ernesto Horikoshi, global head of Active Ingredients, adds, “We are delighted to receive this illustrious recognition for our team’s continual dedication to bringing impactful solutions to the personal care industry. Our proactive approach to developing trendsetting active ingredients supports formulators and brands in developing innovative and differentiated products to address the most pressing consumer needs. In this case, targeting and matching the rising demand for natural origin, traceable sourcing, and high efficacy address the ever-challenging needs of the aging skin. These are all important considerations when aligning products with the clean beauty trend and the industry shift to innovations that enhance skin’s natural regenerative processes while remaining respectful of the environment.”

Since launching in January 2020, Prenylium has received several highly-respected industry awards – the PcHi Fountain Award 2020 in the anti-aging category; the BSB Silver Innovation Prize Environment; and a bronze in-cosmetics award for Best Active Ingredient 2020.

Prenylium is not Clariant’s only award-winning personal care product. Velsan Flex just received the in-cosmetics Bronze award in the functional category.

Clariant is a focused, sustainable, and innovative specialty chemical company based in Muttenz, near Basel/Switzerland. On 31 December 2019, the company employed a total workforce of 17,223. In the financial year 2019, Clariant recorded sales of CHF 4.399 billion (approximately Rs 35855 crore) for its continuing businesses. The company reports in three business areas – care chemicals, catalysis, and natural resources. Clariant’s corporate strategy is based on five pillars – focus on innovation and R&D, add value with sustainability, reposition portfolio, intensify growth, and increase profitability.

Founded in 2017, Clariant Active Ingredients team develops very specialized formulation ingredients for the personal care industry. The business focuses on the development of innovative nature-inspired active ingredients to address a variety of global beauty concerns. The ingredients are used in a wide range of facial, body, and hair care applications internationally.


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