DSM launches collaborative platform Unite4COVID

Digital platform accelerates the availability of Covid-19 solutions

DSM's Open collaborative platform UNITE4COVID launched to accelerate Covid-19 solutions. Photo - DSM

DSM has announced the launch of Unite4COVID, a digital, open, collaborative marketplace designed to offer solutions for healthcare professionals, as well as a forum and collaboration hub for inventors, manufacturers and certification labs in the fight against corona.

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, the manufacturing industry continues to offer help to relieve the urgent need for personal protective equipment (PPE) and other safety equipment. Manufacturers come together to help relieve the urgent need for medical supplies, equipment and replacement parts from materials to production.

To connect those who wish to help with those who seek help, DSM has launched a digital platform, Unite4COVID.org. The platform makes finding approved Covid-19 solutions easier by providing transparency on approved Covid-19 solutions.

Healthcare professionals, organizations, institutions and companies looking to protect their patients, employees and customers can access UNITE4COVID to see and request the currently available solutions. On the other hand, solution providers – from inventors to production hubs – can utilize the platform to share ideas, solutions, capacity and more. The platform brings together players in additive and traditional manufacturing industries in one collaborative marketplace, where they find a digital collaboration space, project management, approval status tracking and allows quick assessment on cost, availability and timing.

While initiated by DSM, Unite4COVID is a truly open and industry-wide platform and is being adopted by a broad range of organizations and manufacturers. The Unite4COVID platform is highlighted on the World Economic Forum’s COVID Action Platform as a key effort from the manufacturing community to better connect those with a need and a global network of solution providers.

Hugo da Silva, vice president Additive Manufacturing at DSM said, “We strongly believe that value chain collaboration is a must. The 3D printing industry was able to respond very fast when the Covid-19 pandemic disrupted the traditional supply chains as its digital, distributed manufacturing method allows for the creation of solutions where the demand is highest. In the meanwhile, also out-of-the-box initiatives in the traditional manufacturing industry are starting to deliver solutions. By bringing together organizations with different manufacturing competencies and matching them with the needs of the organizations in vital sectors, we can offer effective solutions more quickly. It’s by collaborating that we’ll make the biggest impact on beating Covid-19 and saving lives.”

DSM calls upon all organizations actively fighting Covid-19 in the manufacturing industry to join and add solutions to Unite4COVID.


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