DST invites proposals for developing antiviral nano-coating for PPE

DST’s nano mission to fight against COVID-19 pandemic

Photo by Tedward Quinn on Unsplash

The Department of Science and Technology (DST) using the Science and Engineering Board (SERB) portal invites ideas in the form of short-term proposals for developing antiviral nano-coating and new nano-based material for use in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), which can be transferred to a partnering industry or start-up for scale-up. Such Nano-coatings could contribute immensely to the emerging health care requirements in India’s fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. This call is for bringing the academic groups and relevant industry groups together for submitting proposals to DST’s nano mission. It encourages multidisciplinary efforts and collaboration with industrial partners for scaling up production within a year.

The invitation calls for the development of antiviral nano-coatings for producing anti-COVID-19 triple-layer medical masks and N-95 respirator or better masks in large quantities and PPEs for safeguarding health care workers against COVID-19.

The industry contribution could include either manpower support or support partly for testing of nano-coating to meet the EU or US standards.

The proposals will be screened for suitability and scope, followed by a peer-review on a first-come, first evaluation basis. The items developed and transferred to the industry will need to meet the International standards and may facilitate the development of appropriate Indian standards, too for ensuring the quality of the nano-coating based product. The last date for submission of proposals is April 30, 2020. The details of the call for proposal is available at www.serbonline.in


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