Intexso launches TexsoGuard antibacterial and antiviral face masks

The masks come with three protective layers

Intexso launches TexsoGuard antibacterial and antiviral face masks
Texsogaurd Facemasks

Mumbai-based Intexso Biochem recently launched the TexsoGuard antiviral and antibacterial Face Masks powered by HeiQ Viroblock NPJ03 and HeiQ Smart Temp. Intex is the sole distributor of HeiQ products throughout India.

While the HeiQ Viroblock NPJ03 is said to be among the first textile technologies in the world to be tested successfully against SARS-CoV-2, the Covid-19 causing virus, HeiQ Smart Temp is a patented technology based on hydro-functional polymer, adding to the fabric the ability to respond to the temperature change in the surrounding and activate a dynamic evaporative cooling property.

The TexsoGuard Face Masks have been launched in two varieties, namely, Premium and Classic. The premium mask comprises special fabrics, like dope dyed polyester on the outer layer and super soft Modal fabric on the inner layer. In contrast, the Classic mask comprises 100% soft cotton knit fabric in both the inner and outer layers. While the fiber composition in these two types of masks differs, they carry identical protection, and the various chemical technologies used in both masks are precisely identical.

The outer layer in both masks is treated with HeiQ Viroblock NPJ03 and a water repellent treatment HeiQ Eco Dry. This results in the destruction of the possible contamination by viruses and bacteria on fabric and, at the same time, reduces penetration of fine aerosols in case one meets contaminated droplets.

The middle layer is made up of 60gsm SMMS fabric, which effectively filters out all kinds of fine dust particles, giving a PFE value of 95% plus. At the same time offering excellent breathability and withstanding repeated washings up to 30 times.

The inner layer is once again treated with the HeiQ Viroblock technology as an additional protection point and with the HeiQ Smart temp technology, which keeps the wearer cool and comfortable even when one is wearing the mask extended period at a stretch.

Speaking about this, HP Shetty, director Intexso Biochem said, “We are happy to launch the TexsoGuard Face Masks treated with the state-of-the-art technologies from HeiQ Materials, a leader in textile innovation worldwide. We are associated with HeiQ Materials since last more than seven years and have experienced the cutting-edge technologies they come out with. In our masks we are using three of these technologies, which will offer a combination of utmost protection and round the clock comfort to our customers. These masks not only offer great protection and comfort to the wearer, they also fit perfectly on all kinds of faces due to its face contour pattern, flexi-stretch design, and adjustable ear straps. These masks are washable and can be reused for up to 30 gentle washes. We are sure, it will be joyful experience to wear these masks.”

The TexsoGuard face masks are available on Flipkart and Amazon in the pack of 1 for Rs 250 for the Premium masks and Rs 180 for the Classic masks. Both types of masks are available in black, navy blue colors. These masks are available on a pan India basis, and people all over the country can enjoy the benefits of these masks.

HeiQ is a textile innovation leader, creating some of the most effective, durable, and high-performance textile effects in the market today. They have various technology categories, including the recently launched HeiQ Viroblock that is tested effective against SARS-CoV-2.

Intexso Biochem manufactures innovative and customized products for textile, leather, investment castings, coating, BOPP, or Polyester Films. Their state-of-the-art manufacturing plant is based near Mumbai, India, and is equipped with multipurpose reactors that can handle most of these industries’ reactions. Their in-house R&D center is engaged in developing products that comply with the latest ecological requirements.


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