Iodine-based hand hygiene solution launched in India

I2Cure offers protection against viral, bacterial, & fungal threats


In the wake of a global pandemic, I2Pure, a biotechnology company that has harnessed molecular iodine’s biocidal properties, and launched I2Cure in India. I2cure is a brainchild of Dr Jack Kessler and is an FDA Compliant, ISO 9001:2015, and WHO GMP certified product. According to the company, I2Cure is a bio-shield antiseptic lotion and a comfortable, single-use broad-spectrum antimicrobial that protects iodine against COVID-19. Unlike the alcohol-based sanitizers, I2Cure claims to provide 12-hour protection against viral, bacterial, and fungal threats. Moreover, iodine nourishes and hydrates the skin as opposed to dry and cracked skin from alcohol-based products.

Speaking on the launch, Kessler said, “I2Cure was invented to provide superficial protection against germs and microbes. In order to accomplish this feat, we have created a formulation that has evolved with years of research to give us an edge over our faceless, microscopic enemy. I2Cure stands apart from other quick-fix topical disinfectants in that it uses molecular iodine, rather than abrasive alcohol, to protect your skin. I2Cure’s patented molecular iodine formulation is actually absorbed into the skin and then is released as a vapor which transforms the skin of your hands into an antimicrobial material for up to 12 hours.”

Adding to this, Douglas Spitz, chief executive officer, said, “We are constantly striving towards formulating solutions that evolve to get the edge over our faceless, microscopic enemies. At I2Cure, we wanted to bring about a revolution. A solution to the hand-safety conundrum and we did. We developed a topical disinfectant with molecular iodine as the active ingredient. Iodine has been one of the oldest and most effective antimicrobial agents in medical practice. We have taken iodine’s efficacy a step further by delivering free molecular iodine into the skin. Moreover, there is no bacteria or virus resistant to iodine, so no drug-resistant pathogens are created.”

Molecular iodine is the active agent in I2Cure. Molecular iodine can enter your skin, leaving no stain or smell. This prevents it from being washed away or rubbed off.

I2Cure is a ‘Make in India’ product for the world with production facilities in Haridwar, Roorkee, and Baddi.


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