Nestle India’s iconic brands to feature masks on packaging to generate awareness

It will make changes to the packaging design

Nestle India plans to leverage the power of its iconic brands
Nestle India plans to leverage the power of its iconic brands

FMCG major Nestle India has said its iconic brands such as Maggi, Kitkat, Nescafé, and Everyday will have their logos covered in masks to generate awareness and reinforce COVID-appropriate behavior among the masses. 

The company will change the packaging design to leverage the power of its iconic brands like Maggi, Kitkat, Nescafé, and Everyday to spread awareness. Nestle India will run campaigns in print and digital media informing its consumers about the packaging changes, a company spokesperson said. The products with the new packaging design are expected to enter the market soon. 

Nestle’s comments on the importance of masking

“Nestle India understands the ‘need of the hour’ and wants to sensitize each and every individual about the one basic practice that we must all follow – Masking up,” the company spokesperson said.

“To remind all of us and to create awareness on this very important safeguard, we have commenced work towards tweaking our product packaging that will see our iconic brands “masked up.” Our aim is to ensure that this important message gets reinforced every time when consumers look at our products.”

India witnessed a severe bout of COVID-19 second earlier this year. Although cases have declined from the peak of close to 400,000 cases per day, the country is still reporting close to 40,000 daily cases. States like Kerala and Maharashtra remain a point of concern. 

According to the data released by the Indian government on Monday, with 35,499 more people testing positive for COVID-19, India’s infection tally now stands at over three crores. 

“By leveraging the power of iconic brands like Maggi, Kitkat, Nescafé, and Everyday, we aim to spread even greater awareness on the importance of masking. Our brands have a rich purpose, and in the past as well, packaging changes have been made to reflect important societal messages such as on Educating the Girl Child,” Nestle’s spokesperson said. 



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