Plix introduces immunity-boosting supergreens powder

45 Superfoods incorporated into one scoop

These 45 super foods are a good source to get essential multivitamins from wholefood or natural products and are also claimed good immunity boosters. Photo - Plix

Mumbai-based Plix, a leading plant-based protein brand, expands its extensive product range with the launch of Plix immunity-boosting supergreens powder. The product is made of 45 superfoods incorporated into three blends of 25 immunity-boosting herbs, ten alkalizing greens, and ten super greens, the company states in a press release.

Like all Plix products, these innovative new items claim to deliver high-quality ingredients, hand-selected for maximum nutrition, supporting inner health, and outer glow.

It is not a coincidence that a green vegetable contains the maximum potential nutrients that help humans with mental and physical health. Even after knowing this, we all still run away from eating the greenies in our meals. The company claims that Plix immune-boosting supergreens can be the nutrient hero of your life as it is a convenient way to consume your green nutrients. Moreover, it mixes well with water or can try a good smoothie, and you can have a whole bowl full of those green vegetables in just one scoop of these supergreens.

Plix Immunity Boosting Supergreens claims to help strengthen immunity power, making it a one-stop solution for all nutrient needs:

Alkalizing greens to help lower the PH balance

The Plix Supergreens consist of vegetable nutrients like Spirulina, Parsley, Spinach, Mint leaves, and Moringa, which help lower the body’s pH balance, thereby claiming to make the body more alkaline and reducing the acidity that is associated with health problems such as arthritis.

Antioxidants to improve metabolism

Antioxidants like cranberries, green banana, guavas, and lemons claim to act as a defense against the free radicals, which are damaging to the cells. According to Plix, they can also improve the metabolism process of the body.

Herbs to boost immunity

The company calls it an immunity-boosting supergreens for the sole reason that it holds the power of the 25 essential herbs that add to the strength of your immunity and claims to bring a radiant glow.

Wholefood multivitamins for overall nourishment

The supergreens are filled with the goodness of whole foods like carrot, cardamom, asparagus, and beetroot that help to fuel your body with nutrients necessary for growth and overall nourishment.

Fiber for healthy digestion

Adding to that, supergreens also help in healthy digestion and improve gut health because of the fiber-rich blend of probiotics, oats, apple, and ajwain.

The company also claims that it also acts as a good source of detoxification for the body as it contains cucumber, fennel seeds, and ashwagandha that rehydrate and cleanses your system by flushing out toxins and reducing inflammation, ensuring a smooth digestion process.

Additionally, dietary supplements like Plix Immunity Boosting Supergreens contain phenylalanine, and tyrosine cause alertness and arousal. Methionine combines adenosine triphosphate (ATP) to produce S-adenosylmethionine (SAM), facilitating the production of neurotransmitters in the brain. This may help in combating stress and anxiety, moreover, helping as a preventive measure.

Plix Supergreens is now available on and Amazon. In addition, the company has also announced an offer of buy one get one free from 28 to 31 July. The Plix Supergreens available in lime and lemon flavors claims to have no added preservatives or sugar.


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