Quess Corp launches its new healthcare vertical

The vertical is to meet the shortage of healthcare professionals

Quess Corp launches its new healthcare vertical to address the shortage of healthcare professionals
Quess Corp launches its new healthcare vertical to address the shortage of healthcare professionals

Quess Corp announced the launch of its new healthcare vertical to address the shortage of healthcare professionals. The vertical aims to provide trained healthcare manpower, home care solutions, and end-to-end hospital management services by identifying, training, and upskilling healthcare professionals through a network of accredited medical training institutes, enabling quick and on-demand deployment.

Quess corp signed an MoU with AHPI for the betterment of the healthcare industry

Quess Corp has signed an MoU with the Association of Healthcare Providers (AHPI), a not-for-profit representative body of healthcare providers, to evangelize formalization of training and staffing services for healthcare professionals and create a talent marketplace for private and public healthcare institutions. The collaboration aspires to develop a pipeline of trained paramedical and healthcare service professionals through a proposed hire-train-deploy model, besides building a digital pool of highly skilled, experienced, ready-to-hire doctors across India. 

In addition to creating an organized demand and supply support service for healthcare manpower such as nurses, paramedics, doctors, phlebotomists, and lab technicians, the collaboration will also enable corporates to set up safer workspaces with adequate medical facilities and to train candidates with endorsements from reputed domestic and international accreditations. Through this alliance, Quess Corp and AHPI plan to jointly work towards industry advocacy in critical areas of staffing and healthcare manpower management. 

Guruprasad Srinivasan, chief operating officer India region, Quess Corp, said, “The healthcare industry in India has witnessed increasing staffing demands since the advent of the pandemic. There are nearly 600 investment opportunities worth USD 32 Billion in the hospitality/medical infrastructure sub-sector on the Indian Investment Grid (IIG). We look forward to effectively bridging the talent gap and challenges in the Indian healthcare infrastructure, which was largely brought to the fore during the pandemic.”

Dr Naresh Shetty, president, Quess Healthcare, said, “In India, the healthcare segment faces dismaying challenges with an acute shortage of skilled manpower to the tune of six million paramedics today. We hope to bridge this gap and indisputably impact the healthcare sector’s skill development and knowledge enhancement, which is the absolute need of the hour. Through tech-enabled skilling and access to a talent pool of trained professionals, we want to empower healthcare providers to cater to a wide public reach while providing access to quality healthcare for all.”

Dr Alex Thomas, president of AHPI, said, “Having been associated with both organizations for many years, I am confident that the synergy of this collaboration (Quess’s wide reach, in-depth domain knowledge and breadth of capabilities, along with the credibility and track record that AHPI has in the Healthcare sector) would greatly help in attaining the objective of providing affordable, accessible quality care to all our citizens particularly through empowerment, training, and placement of healthcare professionals and workers.”

Dr Giridhar Gyani, director-general, AHPI, said, “Improving the Indian healthcare system by expanding basic healthcare access to the larger community has been our long-standing commitment at AHPI. We are pleased to partner with Quess Corporation, the leading Manpower Service Company, and believe that together, we can successfully redesign and advocate for the medical ecosystem with a trained and qualified workforce.”



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