Agrana’s organic potato fiber

Vital wheat glutens are valuable products

Vegan "beef" burger patties based on wheat vital gluten

The Agrana Group, a food company based in Vienna that produces sugar, starch, fruit preparation, juice concentrate and ethanol fuel, has launched a high in fibre organic potato.

Insoluble fibers are – as already implicated in their name – not soluble in water. They exhibit high water- and oil-binding capacity, thereby retaining moisture depending on the physical and chemical stress they are exposed to.

They can help to stabilize particles in liquids, and prevent phase separation and syneresis in the final products. In addition they can prevent baked goods from stailing, juice loss in meat alternatives and are suitable to increase fiber content in final products to achieve a nutritional fiber health claim.

Vital Wheat is ideal source of protein

Grain proteins, such as vital wheat gluten are valuable products derived from starch processing and an important ingredient for plant based meat alternatives. They are especially important as a nutritional source of protein for vegetarians and vegans as they can be used as alternatives to animal derived proteins such as egg, milk and meat. Vital grain proteins are not only a relevant protein source but also improve mouthfeel, texture and volume of finished products due to its high water adsorption and viscosity properties.

Free from Methyl Cellulose

The challenge for many manufacturers of vegan meat substitutes is to offer consumers organic alternatives using formulations free of additives, especially artificial stabilizers such as methyl cellulose. At the same time, consumers expect a meat-like texture with a juicy mouthfeel.

The Agrana Research and Innovation Center in Tulln, Austria, was able to develop vegan “beef” burger patties based on wheat vital gluten, pregelatinized corn starch and potato fiber, which completely replace methyl cellulose and achieve a convincing flavor experience.


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