Gurugram a major medical value travel hub, says study

A 40% share in Delhi-NCR's Rs 2,400-crore market

According to a study, the Indian medical value travel market stands at over Rs 27,000 crore and Delhi-NCR’s share is around Rs 2,400 crore. Gurugram contributes nearly Rs 800-900 crore. Alok Sharma/Unsplash

Gurugram, the cybercity of Delhi-NCR, is also growing as a major healthcare hub, providing access to world-class tertiary and quaternary care to both domestic and international patients. The private healthcare market of Gurugram has emerged as a preferred destination for quaternary care (medical value travel- MVT) and it is estimated to be nearly Rs 6,800 crore, according to a Study- ‘Gurugram Market Research’, conducted by TR Life Sciences- a leading healthcare consultancy firm.

The study claims that with strong community participation and the Haryana government’s support, the city excels in trauma care, and leading Super Specialty Hospitals perform over 500 trauma surgeries every month.

According to the study, the Indian MVT market stands at over Rs 27,000 crore and Delhi-NCR’s share is around Rs 2,400 crore. Gurugram contributes nearly Rs 800-900 crore, a nearly 40% share in the Delhi-NCR market.  The study says Gurugram has grown as a healthcare micro-market and has seen the launch of several big corporate hospitals with more planned in the future.

The city has emerged as a favorite destination for medical tourism and patients from the Middle East, Africa, CIS, and SAARC countries, among others, have been visiting major super specialty hospitals located here.  With an increase in corporate hospitals, medical value tourism has seen a boom and Gurugram has emerged as a major hub for it. Our team of researchers found that the big five specialties – orthopedics, neuro & spine surgeries, oncology, cardiac surgeries, and transplants undertake nearly 80% of overseas patients,” said Raj Sehgal, director, Business Development, TR Life Sciences.

Trauma care remains a major concern across India. The study highlights the city’s progress on this front and says super specialty hospitals of the city performed over 500 trauma surgeries. According to the study, the city’s excellence in trauma care has been made possible with strong community engagement and the state government’s support with a campaign — Haryana Vision Zero.

The leading private hospitals in Gurugram are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and advanced medical technologies and have highly qualified and experienced medical professionals on staff. Apart from hospitals, Gurugram also has a vast network of private clinics and diagnostic centers that offer specialized medical services. Gurugram’s hospitals have dedicated centers of excellence for key specialties. These factors attract a large number of domestic as well as overseas patients to the city. Overall, the private healthcare sector in Gurugram is a significant contributor to the city’s economy and a vital component of the healthcare system in the region,” said Anurag Kashyap, director, finance & strategy, TR Life Sciences.


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