Kiefel revises its production philosophy

Kiefel NOW: Availability of polymer packaging machines

Efficient and sustainable production of polymer trays with the KMD 78.2 SPEED machine.

Kiefel, a market leader in the design and manufacture of polymer and natural fiber processing machines, automation and tools, has revised its production philosophy to launch its new long-term program ‘Kiefel NOW’.

Customers can now benefit from a selection of the most popular thermoforming machines at their immediate disposal to instantly grow their production capacity and, consequently, increase their profits.

“With Kiefel NOW, we are keeping our promise to our customers: We´re driving their performance. That is why we have practically eliminated the usual delivery times for certain machines. Therefore our customers can realize their orders in the shortest possible time and be even more successful”, emphasizes Thomas Halletz, CEO at Kiefel.

High-quality plastic packaging can be efficiently produced on Kiefel machines.

The Kiefel NOW range includes both steel rule machines as well as tilting machines, which are available immediately or within a few weeks. Kiefel’s steel rule cutting machines such as the KMD 78.2 Speed and KMD 90 Premium for food tray production, and tilting machines like the KTR 5.2 Speed for lid, cup, or coffee capsule production, are among the many models that are ready to be shipped worldwide. The company website offers an up-to-date overview of immediately available machines with shipping from Germany or the USA.

Time is of the essence in the packaging industry when it comes to achieving maximum production. Therefore, instant access to machinery and rapid adaptation to market changes and customer demands ensures business stays productive and ahead of the competition.

The positive feedback from our customers who have already purchased several of these machines shows us that we made the right decision”, adds Armin Dietrich, Global director of Polymer Packaging at Kiefel. “Kiefel is proud to offer a solution that not only saves our customers’ valuable time as they but also increases their profits.”

Kiefel develops and produces high-quality machines for processing plastics, recycled and bio-based materials as well as natural fibers. Kiefel’s customers include well-known manufacturers from the medical engineering & pharma, refrigerator, and packaging industries. Kiefel has a global presence in the USA,  France, the Netherlands, China, and India, as well as our sales and service partners in more than 60 countries. 


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