Manipal’s American University of Antigua’s two-year pre-medical program at the Manipal Academy of Higher Education

First Step to becoming global doctors

Ullas Kamath, dean of the Bachelor of health sciences program at MAHE addressing the gathering.

Manipal’s American University of Antigua (AUA) extended a warm welcome to a new cohort of medical students as they commenced their two-year pre-medical program at the Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) Manipal campus this week. The pre-med to MD program is a 6.5-year program tailored for both high school graduates and non-traditional students aspiring to pursue an international medical career. The program’s initial phase spans 2 years, during which students can choose to study either at MAHE Manipal or in Antigua. Following this foundation, students transition to Manipal’s AUA to complete the subsequent 4.5 years, which encompasses 2.5 years of pre-clinical sciences at the state-of-the-art Antigua campus, followed by 2 years of clinical rotations conducted in various locations including the USA, UK & Canada.

Led by faculty members from various functions and departments, the comprehensive orientation program not only introduced students to MAHE but also highlighted their pivotal role in taking on the responsibility of guiding and mentoring the students throughout their two-year tenure. The students’ determination was clearly visible as they eagerly set out on their journey, aspiring to earn a medical degree and become practicing doctors in the USA through Manipal’s AUA.

The event was graced by Ullas Kamath, dean of the Bachelor of health sciences program at MAHE, and P. Giridhar Kini, registrar of MAHE. Addressing the students, Kamath emphasized that excelling here marks their first step towards their global medical education. He touched upon the institution’s commitment to delivering high-quality medical and healthcare education while setting corresponding expectations for the students. He also highlighted how these students would serve as flag bearers of MAHE and India when they advance to further stages of their medical education abroad, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a strong academic foundation while staying humble.

Giridhar Kini, registrar of MAHE, warmly welcomed the students and extended his best wishes. He highlighted the importance of holistic community learning and how the exceptional facilities and infrastructure at MAHE create the perfect medical education ecosystem for aspiring doctors.

One of the students, Shravan Rajani, shared his anticipation, stating, “I’m extremely excited to be here. I’m looking forward to spending time in this stunning campus, exploring the extensive library, and experiencing the newly built hostel as well.”

Student Shirin Mishra commented, “I’m really glad I chose Manipal. I was looking at physiology career options but when I came across this opportunity to do medicine with Manipal, it was too good to pass up. The faculty and dean are very approachable and friendly.”

One of the student’s parents remarked, “My daughter had a longstanding interest in studying medicine abroad. However, I had reservations about sending her overseas immediately after her 12th grade. Discovering the Manipal AUA program, which allows students to complete the first 2 years of their studies in India before going abroad, was a game-changer for us.”

Ashmit Basera from Dehradun shared that his sister had been a student at Manipal six years ago, and he too was eagerly looking forward to becoming part of this campus.


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