ConcertAI collaborates with NVIDIA

To advance a broad set of translational and clinical development

Jeff Elton, ConcertAI CEO. Photo ConcertAI

ConcertAI, a leading oncology real-world evidence data and AI SaaS technology company, recently announced a collaboration with NVIDIA to advance a broad set of translational and clinical development solutions within the ConcertAI CARA AI platform. This collaboration leverages NVIDIA Inference microservices (NIM), including the recently published Llama 3 NIM, NVIDIA CUDA-X microservices, and the NVIDIA NeMo platform.

Over the past two years, ConcertAI has assembled the deepest and largest multi-modal oncology data repository in the industry, representing more than 8 million patients. This effort was accelerated in December 2023, when the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) CancerLinQ program became a ConcertAI initiative under a long-term cooperation agreement with ASCO.

In collaboration with molecular diagnostic partners and its radiological imaging business, TeraRecon, ConcertAI has established a research capability that spans genomic, transcriptomic, digital pathology, digital radiology, clinical, and social determinants of health data. This comprehensive data set covers all 50 states, offering the broadest representativeness and generalizability of any clinical data source, and forms the foundation for a range of next-generation AI models and AI-powered services.

In January, the company announced its CARA AI platform, which underpins a new class of AI SaaS solutions powered by its multi-modal data solutions and supports healthcare providers, research sites, and life science companies. 

As part of the collaboration, ConcertAI’s efforts to drive leading intelligence and insight in oncology research and treatment will be supported by NVIDIA’s AI expertise and infrastructure. This includes incorporating the Meta Llama 3 NIM, announced at Computex today, to drive key LLM workloads inside ConcertAI’s suite of solutions. The focus of ConcertAI’s work with NVIDIA will be on large-scale clinical data processing, multi-agent models, clinical foundation models, and related solutions that enable domain-specific AI and broad application generative AI to interoperate with unprecedented precision.

Key initiatives under this collaboration:

  • High-performance AI models for clinical development solutions: This initiative will leverage NVIDIA NIMs to provide scalable, high-performance AI model deployment with low latency, enhancing flexibility, interoperability, and cost efficiency within the ConcertAI CARA AI platform. The integration will support clinical trial patient matching, protocol automation, and research site co-pilots with real-time analytics and model management for large-scale AI applications.
  • Large-scale multi-modal data processing: This initiative will harness NVIDIA CUDA-X microservices to accelerate ConcertAI’s large-scale data processing pipelines, significantly enhancing the largest curated oncology data set globally. By leveraging CUDA-X’s advanced computing capabilities, ConcertAI will achieve faster data processing speeds and efficiency, enabling more effective management of its vast oncology data.
  • Development of precision oncology and medical large language models (LLMs): These foundation models, trained on ConcertAI’s industry-leading multi-modal data, will support advanced translational simulations to guide novel, first-in-human studies, clinical trial simulations and design optimizations, clinical decision augmentation support for clinical pathways, and identification of beneficial diagnostic and treatment approaches.

“Life sciences research and precision medicine both involve complex decisions based on many types of data and time points,” said Jeff Elton, PhD, CEO of ConcertAI. “For any single patient, we may have billions of unique data points, and we may be looking across millions of records, making this a domain where AI can enable insights not possible with prior technologies or methodologies. We are thrilled to work with NVIDIA to push the boundaries of what AI can achieve in oncology translational research, clinical development, and care. Our collaboration will bring unprecedented precision and new levels of efficiency to our customers’ development of new medicines, helping accelerate the improvement of outcomes for patients with the greatest unmet medical needs.”

“AI offers incredible potential to transform how medicines are designed and developed, and bringing generative AI tools to improve clinical trials is a groundbreaking and necessary step,” said Kimberly Powell, VP of Healthcare at NVIDIA. “Integrating NVIDIA’s NIMs into ConcertAI’s SaaS and extensive multi-modal data platform will revolutionize clinical trial design and outcome prediction.”

This collaboration underscores ConcertAI’s commitment to harnessing the power of AI to drive innovation in healthcare and improve patient outcomes worldwide. Initial benefits from the collaboration will be accessible in the CARA AI cloud and solutions in Q3 of 2024.


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