Thermo Fisher Scientific acquires programmable dye platform Phitonex

Aims to meet customer needs in cell analysis research

Thermo Fisher
Image: Pawel Czerwinski on Unsplash

Thermo Fisher Scientific recently announced that it has completed the acquisition of Phitonex, a Durham, North Carolina-based company that has pioneered a spectral dye platform for high-resolution biology applications designed to accelerate research and development in cell therapy, immuno-oncology, and immunology research. Phitonex’s product offering will enable Thermo Fisher to offer greater flow cytometry and imaging multiplexing capabilities to meet evolving customer needs in protein and cell analysis research.

The innovative platform, called the “phiton,” acts as a structure that can maintain a higher number of fluorescent dyes in very specific ways, allowing researchers the ability to analyze single cells in high resolution. Consequently, it enables researchers to achieve deeper biological insights and more comprehensive data from their cell samples. With the ability to rapidly create a multitude of different dye labels, research teams can significantly increase the number of proteins and cell populations that can be identified in a single flow cytometry experiment.

“Phitonex’s platform is a natural extension of Thermo Fisher’s existing tools for protein and cell analysis applications,” said Peter Silvester, senior vice president and president life sciences solutions at Thermo Fisher Scientific. “Combining this new technology with our existing portfolio and expertise in this space will unlock the Phiton platform’s great potential and deliver unparalleled flow cytometry performance so our customers can gain more valuable insights from a single cell and expedite discovery.”


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