UPM Raflatac RW85C PET wash-off solution receives award at 2020 Australasian PIDA

Wash-off label solution meets circular economy

UPM Raflatac
UPM Raflatac RW85C PET wash-off labeling solution

The UPM Raflatac RW85C PET wash-off solution, which is part of the UPM Raflatac SmartCircle sustainable product offering, has received recognition at the 2020 Australasian Packaging Innovation and Design Awards (PIDA). Developed in partnership with Kiwi Labels, a New Zealand pioneer in digitally-printed labels, the sustainable solution for cherry punnet rPET packages was nominated in two categories, ultimately taking home bronze in the 2020 ‘sustainable packaging design special award-retail pack’ category. The award came as a high mark of recognition for leadership in innovative, sustainable packaging.

According to the NZ Packaging Council, New Zealanders consume about 735 000 tons of packaging every year and recycle only 58%. The New Zealand market is facing an urgent need to develop more sustainable products and solutions to reduce plastic waste. Through continuously improving its innovative product portfolio, Kiwi Labels found the RW85C PET wash-off label adhesive solution to be a truly sustainable way to maximize the recyclability of PET containers, thereby helping brand owners to achieve their sustainability targets.

“We always face the problem that the standard label solution hinders the recycling process as it sticks on the recyclate. With most of the recyclers using old machinery, label choice matters. UPM Raflatac’s RW85C wash-off solution works well. It enhances the efficiency of the PET recycling process without requiring any changes to our existing labeling equipment,” states Guy Phillips, general manager at Kiwi Labels.

With a strong commitment to labeling a smarter future beyond fossils, the RW85C PET wash-off adhesive is an ideal film labeling solution meeting the needs of the circular economy. Unlike traditional label materials, the wash-off solution separates easily during the industrial washing process. It floats away from the high-value clean PET flakes and allows a higher yield to be recovered without contamination. These flakes can be converted into new pellets for PET packaging, reducing waste and improving the plastic recycling process’s efficiency.

“With increased awareness of the environmental issues caused by plastic waste, more and more brand owners recognize sustainability as a key factor in their packaging decisions. We are pleased that our PET wash-off solution can help to build-in and maximize the recyclability of their packaging, thereby enhancing their brand’s value in an increasingly competitive market,” says Philip Bracey, country manager of UPM Raflatac New Zealand.


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