AnPac Bio files coronavirus detection patent

AnPac Bio’s CDA technology to detect the risk of coronavirus


AnPac Bio-Medical Science is a biotechnology company with operations in China and the United States focused on early cancer screening and detection. The company has recently announced that it has filed a provisional patent application on the use of AnPac Bio’s novel detection technology, methods and apparatus for coronavirus detection with the US Patent Trademark and Office on 10 February 2020. This application could later lead to formal patent applications in China and other countries. AnPac Bio also announced that it has entered into a project cooperation agreement with a hospital in China to conduct research studies on the ability of AnPac Bio’s Cancer Differentiation Analysis (CDA) technology to detect the risk of coronavirus, which is expected to be a very challenging and long term project for AnPac Bio.

While AnPac Bio’s focus has been on cancer risk assessment, AnPac Bio’s biophysical property-based CDA technology has also been evaluated for other major non-cancerous diseases. In addition, valuable information and data have been collected for clinical samples on major non-cancerous diseases. “We are exploring the CDA technology’s ability to detect the risk of major non-cancerous diseases. As well as broadening its product offerings for other life-threatening diseases has been part of AnPac Bio’s business strategies for years,” commented Chris Yu, chairman, and chief executive officer of AnPac Bio’s.


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