Thermo Scientific Centrios HX offers precise circuit edit solution

Advanced semiconductor circuit edit system enables customers to quickly resolve preproduction design flaws

Thermo Fisher
Thermo Scientific Centrios HX Circuit Edit System. Photo Thermo Fisher

Thermo Fisher Scientific, in serving science, introduced the Thermo Scientific Centrios HX Circuit Edit System. This state-of-the-art circuit edit solution allows semiconductor manufacturers to optimize success rates with high-resolution imaging and precise editing of today’s leading-edge devices.

As semiconductor devices become more complex, higher precision circuit edit tools are required to optimize product functionality and deliver prototypes to keep projects on track. Compared to other commercially available solutions, the Centrios HX with its new Celta FIB column offers the next level of improved resolution, beam current and landing energy for intricate circuit modification without adversely affecting circuit performance or integrity. This innovation allows semiconductor manufacturers to achieve faster time-to-market while minimizing mask related development costs.

“With each semiconductor advancement, FIB circuit editing continues to grow in strategic importance as our customers design innovative technologies and bring them to market,” said Mohan Iyer, vice-president and general manager of semiconductor at Thermo Fisher. “Next-generation logic devices, with buried power rails, effectively blocking access to the active circuit area, will introduce new challenges. Engineered to support our customers in addressing the semiconductor industry’s evolving circuit edit requirements, the Centrios HX enables the ability to open windows in blocking metals for advanced editing and fault localization.”

The Centrios HX is designed to deliver precision and performance while maintaining device integrity and functionality. The new system enables engineers to – resolve fine features during circuit editing with up to 2.5 nanometer resolution at 250 femtoamperes (fA) with 30 kilovolts (kV). Obtain highly consistent deposition and etching with the Thermo Scientific MultiChem Gas Delivery System. Create open windows without circuit damage with operation at 5 kV. Perform complicated edits with a patterning engine that offers a high degree of scan control.


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