Sippline oral hygiene drinking shield to prevent cross-contamination

Comes in a pocket-friendly dimension of 8 x 4 centimeter semi-circle

Sippline your Tea Partner

In August 2020, the Indian market witnessed the launch of an oral hygiene drinking shield, Sippline, that redefined hygienic drinking experience when out of home. It is a medical-grade sterilized attachment designed to sit on the rim of a glass mug or a cup while drinking to avoid direct contact with the mouth.

It is available for purchase on Amazon India and Warrier Electronics website and comes in packs of 2, 5, and 10 at a price range of Rs 131, Rs 288, Rs 509, respectively.

Sipping with Sippline

Conceptualized and designed by Rohit Warrier, a serial entrepreneur based in Pune, Sippline addresses a gap in oral hygiene by setting a new standard with an intent to reduce the risk of healthcare-associated infections and the spread of disease.


Sippline, the drink shield, has been designed with care with a lot of detailing put in. Material and finish have been chosen to closely resemble the feel and texture of a glass/cup. Designed for multiple uses, Sippline is made of food-grade material, is heat resistant, and dishwasher friendly. Sippline finish was carefully arrived at to replicate the feel of a glass or a cup.

Sippline fits perfectly on most glasses and cups but has been tested for perfection on Water Goblet, Tom Collins, Old Fashioned, Viva 48, Pilsner, White Wine, Centro High Ball, Beer Mug.

All dressed up for a drink with Sippline

Packaged in medical-grade – no-touch after sterilization “until you open”- sealed pouches are bacteria-free. One of the objectives of offering Sippline is to help the users improve their hygiene and avoid cross-contamination from using glassware in a public place.

Sippline comes in a pocket-friendly dimension of 8 x 4 centimeter semi-circle weighing less than 5 gram at a pocket-friendly price.

Sippline plans to come in multiple colours, allowing distinct differentiation for each family member.

Rohit Warrier, founder, and director of Warrier Safe Shields

As life has returned to normal, hygiene has never been more important than it is today. Sippline adds a new dimension to personal hygiene. I believe Sippline will change the way people enjoy a drink out of their homes. I am happy we were able to bring a solution that is not only effective but is very affordable. My vision is to see one in every pocket”, said Rohit Warrier, founder, and director of Warrier Safe Shields.

Warrier Safe Shields is a Warrier Electronics initiative started in 2020. Currently offers Sippline as the only offering from its stable. The intent is to, over the months, add products to the lineup that amplify personal hygiene and well being.


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