Environmental control solutions for food, pharma from Bry-Air

Striving to support larger environmental initiatives — Deepak Pahwa 

Bry-Air BrySmart Series (BBS) Dehumidifiers Photo Bry-Air

A provider of dehumidification and environmental control solutions, Bry-Air, with more than 60 years of expertise, is leading from the forefront with dehumidification solutions, gas phase filtration, plastics drying and conveying, dry room, and high-temperature waste heat recovery solutions. Bry-Air is the flagship company of the Pahwa Group, which runs other units such as Desiccant Rotors International (DRI), Delair, and Technical Drying Services (TDS) under an umbrella organization specializing in compressed air drying and rental dehumidification — all air and environment control solutions for industries.

Along with DRI’s proficiency in improving indoor air quality, energy-efficient ventilation systems, and DRI Arctic’s evaporative cooling technology, the group companies offer a powerful combination for quality air and environmental control in different sectors.

Within a broad framework of ‘environment and energy’, the group’s companies are involved in manufacturing products for sectors such as food, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, and commercial buildings, among others.

Deepak Pahwa, managing director, Bry-Air

Deepak Pahwa, chairman of the Pahwa Group and managing director of Bry-Air, in an interaction with HealthTekPak explains how the group ensures the products effectively cater to the specific needs of each industry. “We understand the unique requirements and challenges faced by different industries. To ensure our products effectively cater to each sector’s specific needs, we engage in thorough research and development. Our team works closely with industry experts and partners to gain insights into their precise environmental control requirements,” Pahwa says.

Desiccant dehumidifiers are used in food, pharma and other industries. The P95°x series dehumidifiers cater to complex moisture-control needs, which is key to maintaining product quality and stability. Pahwa said, “The breakthrough rotor technology employed in our P95°x dehumidifier enables unparalleled performance while delivering a remarkable energy-saving capacity of more than 30%. In addition, the Bry-Air BrySmart series (BBS), which incorporates targeted algorithms, including Bidirectional Forwarding Detection (BFD) and Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs), enables users to adjust parameters based on real-time feedback.”

Innovation and Adaptation

In our interaction, Pahwa emphasized continuous innovation and adaptation to evolving technologies. “We invest significantly in ongoing research and development initiatives to foster innovation and technological advancements.” The company focuses on the continuous enhancement of dehumidifier capabilities by incorporating targeted algorithms and variable frequency drives to optimize energy consumption. “We are exploring the potential of carbon capture technology as a new step forward in environmental control.”

As one of the leading companies in the environmental control industry, the Pahwa Group claims to be compliant with environmental regulations and sustainability standards. “We focus on the larger trend of sustainability and in the reduction of carbon footprint through our dehumidification and environmental control technologies.”

We strive to continue developing solutions that support the larger environmental initiatives, driving positive change and contributing to a more sustainable world,” he says.


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