Airnov displays latest innovation IDC at pharmapack 2023

At Paris Expo, booth H44

The new desiccant closure has been developed to reduce the number of components needed to have a complete desiccant system for pharmaceutical bottles. Photo/Airnov

Airnov Healthcare Packaging, a global provider in controlled atmosphere packaging, has launched an advanced solution which aims to provide substantial benefits to the pharmaceutical industry. IDC(Integrated Desiccant Closure), enables manufacturers to reduce the number of components that  would typically form a complete desiccant system in a bottle by integrating the desiccant into the closure. 

The design is expected to be adaptable on SP 400 bottles  and also includes a child-resistant system and a new tamper-evident disk on the top, with a key goal of  the IDC being able to unify packaging standards globally. 

In the US and European markets, there are different sizes and approaches to standard bottles and the  ways in which desiccants are integrated into them. With the newly launched IDC, Airnov is offering a  solution that covers both market standards, reducing the need for complex bottle packaging in each  region. 

The IDC can be leveraged for the protection of all sensitive products which require safeguarding against humidity, including various pharmaceutical medicines which risk being spoiled by exposure to  moisture.  

“This is why we are excited to bring IDC to Pharmapack,” commented Dr Elisa Le Floch, product lines  manager, Airnov. “With this product, we can support companies operating in the pharmaceutical,  nutraceutical and diagnostic sectors by removing several operational steps on their filling lines.” 

Alongside these practical benefits, visitors to Pharmapack will also be able to see IDC on display at the Innovation Gallery and experience first-hand how it can support key environmental  objectives by cutting the use of materials in comparison to incumbents currently on the market.  

“Sustainability will always be front and center of our product development, and IDC is no different in that respect,” Elisa Le Floch added. “Our job is to make the lives of our customers easier with efficient,  smart solutions that also deliver on important environmental metrics.”


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