INVpack’s microdosing precision in pharma & nutritional packaging for India

Microdosing is a key trend in pharmaceutical and nutritional markets

India hosts a growing population seeking personalized treatments and high-quality nutritional supplements.

INVpack, a leading company in packaging solutions and a manufacturer of vertical packaging machinery, has developed and integrated systems that offer microdosing packaging solutions in its machines. This innovation allows pharmaceutical and nutritional companies to have cutting-edge machinery capable of administering microdoses with maximum precision.

The need for precision in measuring pharmaceutical and nutritional products is clear. Giving the wrong doses can have serious consequences for consumer health. In a world that pays more attention to individualized treatments and supplements, being able to offer very accurate microdoses is very important.

India hosts a growing population seeking personalized treatments and high-quality nutritional supplements. However, the industry faces challenges in the availability of specialized machinery capable of handling microdoses with precision.

Microdosing is a technique involving the precise administration of minimal amounts of active ingredients, usually ranging from micrograms to milligrams. To achieve this level of precision, sophisticated technologies, such as high-precision isolated cells, are employed. These isolated cells enable uniform and controlled dosing by separating small quantities of the main product, ensuring each dose is homogeneous and precise. This advanced approach offers an optimal microdosing packaging solution, addressing the need for accuracy in dosage across various applications.

The benefits of this technology are evident: it ensures the safety and efficacy of pharmaceutical and nutritional products, minimizing the risks of overdosing or underdosing.

Precise microdosing provides several competitive advantages in pharmaceutical and nutritional sectors. Primarily, it guarantees the quality and efficacy of products, crucial for maintaining consumer trust and compliance with regulations. Additionally, by reducing the waste of active ingredients, production efficiency is improved.

Regulatory compliance is another strong point of precise microdosing. Companies adopting this technology can meet the strictest standards and demonstrate their commitment to consumer safety.

Moreover, these systems align with current and future trends in microdosing, including automation and integration with Industry 4.0. Automation streamlines production and reduces costs, while integration with Industry 4.0 provides the ability to monitor and optimize processes in real time.

Precise microdosing is the key to excellence in the pharmaceutical and nutritional sectors. INVpack offers industry-leading packaging solutions incorporating this technology.


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