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Bry-Air BrySmart Series (BBS) dehumidifiers

Gurugram headquartered, Bry-Air is a flagship company of the Pahwa Group. A leader in dehumidification, the company offers solutions for humidity control, plastic drying, gas phase filtration, and air-treatment critical to sectors such as pharmaceutical, food, plastics industry, medical plastics, cold storage, and lithium-batteries.


With three state-of-the-art manufacturing plants in India and wholly-owned subsidiaries in Malaysia, China, Switzerland, Brazil, Nigeria, and an associate plant in the USA, Bry-Air has installations in over 85 countries. As the chairman of the Pahwa Group and managing director of Bry Air, Deepak Pahwa says, “We strive to deliver forward-looking solutions that enable our customers to increase productivity at low cost and higher throughput with limited resources.”

Deepak Pahwa, chairman of the Pahwa Group and managing director of Bry Air

Innovation leads to strong patent portfolio

With over five decades of experience, Bry-Air designs and manufactures ‘airgineering’ products. It has filed 123 patent applications worldwide in 13 new technologies, of which 48 have been granted.


‘Innovation is Life’ is the group’s philosophy. “We have developed many products such as a waterless dryer for the plastics industry, low dew-point dehumidifiers, energy-efficient Green DryPurge(GDP) dehumidifiers, the BrySmart series (BBS) desiccant dehumidifier, and many others,” says Pahwa.


Dehumidifiers during Covid-19 pandemic

The company’s range of dehumidifiers is vital for the healthcare, pharma, and food industries. Dehumidification is essential in almost all processes of the pharmaceutical industry. From processing to manufacturing, storage, research, and testing, packaging areas of the pharma industry, requires ideal Relative Humidity (RH) conditions to be maintained.


To ensure accurate test results and to protect diagnostics kits from degradation, it is essential to control moisture during manufacturing, testing, storage, and packaging of diagnostic kits. Components of diagnostic kits are highly hygroscopic. Bry-Air’s dehumidifiers help maintain the desired RH in the labs where these kits are manufactured and assembled.


Bry-Air offers moisture removal from the air to avoid lumping, caking and agglomeration of tablets, nutraceuticals and health supplements. The solutions ensure longer shelf life without any microbiological and biochemical deterioration after coming in contact with moisture.


Increased demand for disposables such as gloves, masks, gowns, and other PPEs will drive the market during this pandemic. For PET and medical plastics, Bry-Air offers specialized products, which are dehumidifier-based but specialized products for the plastics industry.


Back to business under new normal

“In March-end, we had a lot of orders to be shipped out when the lockdown started. Things were static then due to sudden shutdown. Slowly, we started to see that products could be shipped out to pharma or food sectors,” says Pahwa about the lockdown. Bry-Air resumed limited operations on 23 April and is trying to expedite deliveries. Its subsidiary in Switzerland, which was partially operative, is fully operational from 4 May.


Pahwa is hoping to get back to business as usual under the new normal. “Initially, Bry-Air was not able to deliver products that were ready to ship out due to supply chain issues. Now, our shipping is increasing, and export is taking place.” However, he points out that due to more paperwork, things are taking more time than usual.


Service and support

According to Pahwa, Bry-Air has used this time to support its customers through video conferencing. “Our team is working round the clock to support our customers worldwide who are dependent on our products for running their operations smoothly. The need for the hour is to keep the morale high of our workforce. We are ensuring everyone is paid on time so that our employees do not have to worry.”


Lockdown drives down demand

Since the virus has shaken the economy to the core and disrupted almost every industry and sector, Bry-Air is not an exception. While the hardest-hit segments are manufacturing and MSMEs in this time, Bry-Air is also expecting a minimum of 20% of shrinkage in demand. Pahwa says that nevertheless, the company is adapting to the new normal, “Although there are new challenges every day, we have always believed that challenges bring efficiencies, but one has to plan and act to get the results.”


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