Kiefel, well prepared for the future after Corona

Strengthens medical engineering & food packaging business

Left to Right - Stefan Moll, the new chief technical officer, Thomas J Halletz, chief executive officer and Peter Eisl, chief financial officer

Kiefel is expanding its medical business with additional product lines and technologies. The reassessment of the global basic medical care after the corona pandemic and the mega-trend of an increasing and aging population, have highlighted the significance of good patient care. Basic medical care is more important than ever and offers Kiefel additional options.

Germany-based Kiefel develops and produces high-quality machines for processing plastics, bio-based materials and natural fibers for the automotive, medical engineering, refrigerator, and packaging industries. The company has a global presence in the USA, France, the Netherlands, Russia, China, Brazil, Indonesia, and India.

Kiefel claims to stand for high quality and safe medical products. According to the press release, new alternative treatment methods, such as in cancer therapy, in autoimmune diseases, or blood plasma medication – are made possible with Kiefel’s system technology.

Stefan Moll, the new chief technical officer, complements the existing management team of Thomas J Halletz, chief executive officer and Peter Eisl, chief financial officer, and focuses on the global medical engineering business. Together, as stated, they will focus the company even more on future strategic issues.

Stronger focus on sustainability

Food packaging must achieve a balance between sustainability and the need to supply the population. In the current corona pandemic situation, packaging ensures durability and hygiene, making packaging system-relevant.

Materials are valuable resources. “Reduce – Reuse – Recycle” should be more than just buzzwords; they should be brought to life. Therefore, Kiefel has positioned itself for the future and expanded its material processing expertise. Kiefel, Freilassing is a technology partner in various domains of the plastics and packaging industry, where it supports customers in the development of sustainable materials and products.

Kiefel focuses on three pillars for sustainable solutions, including economical solutions based on plastic recycling, the use of bio-based and compostable plastics, and the processing of materials from cellulose. Kiefel is also working with the Fraunhofer institutes in Munich and Leipzig, to be always up-to-date in material development.

Customers are supported explicitly with circular economy approaches. In Kiefel’s “Rethinking Concept”, we discuss the product and associated material redesign with the customer. This is considered in terms of product design and functionality, the material and its composition, and ultimately how machines and tools can support an optimized production process.

Service and digitalization in sync

The global service on-site has been expanded in recent years due to Kiefel’s goal of increasingly serving customers regionally. The expanded international presence brings the service technicians closer to our customers – in the same time zone, the same culture and the same language. The customer is supported in the best possible and most efficient way, according to the press release. Digitalization is being promoted faster than ever before at Kiefel, particularly concerning service to support customers during times of extreme travel restrictions optimally.


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