Microline’s feeding system for interfolded products

ROM600 case packer can be fitted to various machines 

The ROM 600 is the horizontal case packer on which the innovative feeding system was developed.

Microline, which specializes in the design and manufacture of machines and systems for the tissue industry and secondary packaging, has developed a specific feeding system for interfolded products. 

Available on the ROM600 case packer, the system can be fitted to various machines in the Microline product line-up. The advantages lie in its ability to keep the product properly oriented while ensuring gentle handling. 

Product infeed into the machine is carried out by means of a conveyor designed by

Interfolded products in a tissue segment are characterized by specific dynamics that bring particular challenges — also from a technological perspective — to the various supply chain stakeholders. They are products such as wipes, paper towels and hospital paper rolls that are used in very diverse settings. They are used, for example, in the HoReCa (hotel, restaurant, catering) industry, in bars and restaurants, but also in medical settings and business locations. 

These products are very delicate and require adequate know-how in order to handle and package them in an optimum manner. Microline says it is able to provide the right solution whatever the type of product, for both primary and secondary packaging. Microline machines can be configured as groups and systems able to simultaneously ensure both the proper orientation and gentle handling of the product

The ‘ROM’ series

One example is the feeding system developed specifically for packaging interfolded wipes intended for industrial use, which was studied to address the problems of poor balance of the overpacking, which has a convex base. The ROM 600 is a machine on which this innovative system was developed. It is the medium-speed version of Microline machines dedicated to automatic case packing. 

The product feeding section ensures proper orientation and gentle handling.

ROM series machines handle case pick-up, erection and filling operations and close the case with an adhesive tape or hot melt system. The products that can be packaged include multi-purpose, industrial and hospital paper rolls. Once they have passed the upstream cutting station, these products can be automatically introduced into a divider to be arranged in collation patterns of up to five parallel lines. They are then grouped, stacked and inserted into the case according to the set configuration.

Interfolded hand wipes

The packs are subsequently placed inside slotted cases.

The ROM case packer feeding phase is where Microline focuses its engineering efforts. In this specific case, the critical problem was due to the need to process packets of hand wipes with paper overpacking: a pack that has a convex base, making it particularly unstable. In addition, paper wrapping of products that are also made of paper is delicate and susceptible to tearing. The special feeding system developed requires the products to arrive by means of the infeed conveyor (also designed by Microline) maintaining the same orientation for the whole of the transport phase, through to case packing. Thanks to a combination of mechanical systems and meticulous machine development, the system ensures not only the proper orientation but also gentle handling of the packs. 

As the machine is able to process 120 pieces per minute, this result is achieved without compromises in terms of performance, making the unit an ideal solution for a fully-comprehensive packaging line including secondary packaging in cases.


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