ACG to host webinar on hot-melt processes

ACG webinar to focus on application of fluid bed systems for hot-melt processing

ACG webinar to focus on application of fluid bed systems for hot-melt processing

The current spike in drug development programs and the rise in new chemical entities (NCEs) are unfortunately not matched by their subsequent commercial manufacturing rate. And one of the reasons for this is the low water solubility of many of these drug candidates. The conventional manufacturing methods are not always successful at creating a viable pharma product out of these drug molecules. Hence, pharma manufacturers need a reliable manufacturing technique that can simplify the processing with low water-soluble drugs with excellent output and quality.

Hot-melt processing has just the potential to meet these requirements. A faster process with fewer steps, no need of solvents, and easy process control – all these benefits make the hot-melt technique an invaluable tool for processing poorly water-soluble drugs. 

ACG is organizing a webinar on ‘Hot-melt processes – An essential technology for future pharma’ on 26 August 2021 at 1500 hrs IST. This webinar will help you explore the full potential of hot-melt processing.

Hot-melt processing for fluid bed machines

Attendees will get to know how hot-melt technology is shifting the tide in pharma; understand the different techniques used for hot-melt processing with their pros and cons; explore the application of fluid bed systems for hot-melt processing, and understand the formulation and process considerations for hot-melt processing in fluid bed machines.

Vasant Shetty, deputy general manager, Process Technologies – ACG will be hosting the webinar.

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