PharmNovo’s phase IIa study of PN6047 in neuropathic pain

Company signs agreement with Worldwide Clinical Trials 

PharmNovo signs agreement with Worldwide Clinical Trials for phase IIa study of PN6047 in neuropathic pain.

PharmNovo, a Swedish pharmaceutical company developing neuropathic pain treatments, has announced its collaboration with Worldwide Clinical Trials, a full-service contract research organization (CRO), to conduct the phase IIa study of PN6047. The study is planned to start in 2024.

In the upcoming phase IIa study, PharmNovo will investigate the safety, tolerability, pharmacokinetics, and efficacy of their drug candidate PN6047 for individuals affected by neuropathic pain and experiencing Mechanical Allodynia. 

This distressing symptom, caused by nerve injury, often disrupts daily life and sleep. PN6047 offers a targeted approach to alleviate this condition, aiming to improve the overall pain experience. Insights on its efficacy will aid in designing subsequent phase IIb/III studies.

“Our collaboration with Worldwide Clinical Trials is a significant step in our dedication to addressing the complex challenges of neuropathic pain. Their expertise was instrumental in our decision to partner together. With early promising results from PN6047, we are optimistic about its potential to make a difference. As we prepare for the phase IIa study, scheduled to launch in 2024, our mission is clear: to deepen our understanding and move forward toward a solution that truly enhances the quality of life for those affected,” says Per von Mentzer, CEO of PharmNovo.

“At Worldwide Clinical Trials, our focus is on partnering with companies like PharmNovo to create customized solutions that advance new medications. The phase IIa study of PN6047 is an exciting opportunity, and we’re fully devoted to ensuring its success while furthering our collective understanding of neuropathic pain solutions,” says Peter Benton, President and Co-CEO at Worldwide Clinical Trials.


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