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Zepp launches wearable Zepp Z

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Zepp, a professional brand focused on digital health management, recently hosted a live streaming event to introduce the Zepp brand and launch its latest wearable, the Zepp Z.

The Zepp brand was founded in Silicon Valley in 2010 and quickly became the go-to brand for athletes looking to improve their performance. Now in 2020, Zepp is transforming itself. Zepp has already commenced an exciting new chapter, with personalized health management as its mission. Powered by its belief in the role human-centered technology can play in self-improvement, Zepp is leveraging the potential of the Internet of Things, AI technologies, devices, and apps that help people manage their health and wellbeing.

Zepp, the brand, grew from the concept of using technology for self-improvement and personal health management to enjoy a more fulfilling life every day. The Zepp brand tagline is “With you every moment”.

The Σ that appears in the logo is based on the Greek letter sigma, a mathematical symbol representing summation. Mathematics requires precision and discipline, and so the inclusion of sigma expresses Zepp’s focus on connection and precision simply and directly.
Zepp is supported by smart technology that relies on precise data analysis and strict algorithms. For Zepp wearable users, the Σ signifies the continuous analysis of biological data regarding their health and activity, which is then presented to them through a simple and easy-to-understand personalized evaluation system.

While sister-brand Amazfit will remain focused on wearables, Zepp is becoming a health management brand with a broader vision of caring for more health and wellbeing using cutting-edge technology and new platforms.

According to the press statement, Zepp is building a high-end health management brand that is actively involved in research and offers consumers outstanding industrial design, advanced processing, and craftsmanship that will take smartwatches and personal health management to a new level. Zepp will use its advanced health and medical technology to redefine the significance of smart wearable devices. Ultimately, Zepp aims to transform wearables from being seen as “accessories” to becoming reliable health partners, helping a growing number of people manage and control their wellbeing.

Zepp invests in research, technology, and global collaboration

The extraordinary user experience and powerful and precise health management service that Zepp provides comes from its advanced technology, support from respected experts, dedicated professionals, and expanding partnerships with world-class organizations.

Zepp said, through rigorous research and experimentation, the team has made remarkable progress in tracking and analyzing various types of biological data. In June, the team announced the official launch of the advanced self-owned PPG bio-tracking optical sensor, BioTracker (which currently supports five biological data engines), ExerSense, RealBeats, PAI Health Assessment System, OxygenBeats, and SomnusCare. Meanwhile, the Huangshan-2 AI chip, featuring even higher computing efficiency and lower power consumption, made its debut only 450 days after the first generation’s launch. These will guarantee Zepp’s relentless pursuit of all aspects of new technologies, devices, apps, and services.

Zepp App is a platform for managing personal health and well-being that connects Zepp and Amazfit wearables with cloud services. Available on Android and iOS devices, analysis, through the Zepp App, results are integrated and presented interactively with ease. People can control their health and fitness activities and effectively manage other aspects of their daily routine that contribute to improved well-being.

By partnering with organizations and institutions worldwide, Zepp has been involved with far-reaching research that could help people stay healthy and perform better.

Earlier this year, the team supported and published the scientific research paper, “Learning from large-scale wearable device data for predicting epidemics trends of Covid-19”, which provided accurate predictions of Covid-19 trends in Spain and Italy. The research team also worked with China’s epidemic prevention team formed by Zhong Nanshan, the doctor who led China through both SARS and Covid-19, to explore the effects of respiratory rehabilitation on the quality of life Covid patients.

In June 2020, the team established an AI research institute, led and consulted by AI industry experts and professors from prestigious universities. The institute currently focuses on the study of respiratory health management, athletic performance, and neuroscience and will serve as the engine for future technological innovation. Its exciting research results will be utilized to enhance the Zepp’s abilities.

The team has also partnered with Silicon Valley-based AliveCor, the leader in AI-based personal ECG technology, to develop entirely new ECG devices to detect heart arrhythmias. In the meantime, the team is also working with the Stanford University Sleep Center to study the effect of sleep on sick patients’ physical recovery and otherwise healthy people.

The future of Zepp

According to the company, Zepp will remain focused on smart wearable consumer products for the short-term future. However, Zepp will continue to diversify its products and services and explore research and technology about all aspects of life. This will help Zepp realize its vision of creating a comprehensive health management brand that is available to everyone that helps people enjoy a more fulfilling life.


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