Gea’s Talking Pharma Chat Show

Tackles issues affecting implementation of continuous pharmaceutical processing

Gea’s Talking Pharma Chat Show tackles issues affecting implementation of continuous pharmaceutical processing. Photo Gea

Earlier this year, continuous manufacturing pioneers Gea Pharma and Healthcare launched a new, interactive, and upbeat series of roundtable conversations for industry professionals. The online chat show, hosted by Gea’s #GoingConti veteran, Richard Steiner, was introduced to look into the pressing issues that are driving and affecting the implementation of continuous processing in the life science industries.

With the help of invited colleagues, industry experts, and academic representatives who join him on the virtual couch, each session offers insights, updates, and opinions on a wide range of topics. The live audience is welcome to ask questions at any time during the roundtable debates and, in an informal and educational environment, discover the #TheContiTruth.

For example, Richard celebrated Star Wars Day on 4 May by tackling the broader issue of continuous manufacturing and how Gea’s ConsiGma 4.0 platform fits within the overall concept of digitization and Industry 4.0. He was also able, at the same time, to bust some popular myths.

In the second episode, joined by special guests, Prof Dr Ashish Kumar from the Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Engineering, Ghent University, and Dr Fanny Stauffer, Drug Product lead at UCB, the ins and outs of twin-screw continuous wet granulation were examined.

With drug regulators such as the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) now recognizing the potential benefits of continuous production, the broadcasts are said to be extremely popular. Dr Janet Woodcock recently noted, “A key advanced manufacturing technology is continuous manufacturing (CM), which helps to ensure consistently made products, allows manufacturers to more easily scale their manufacturing operations to meet demand and can help to reduce drug shortages by reducing quality issues.”

The hour-long events streamed live, and also remain available online for future viewing. Poll questions that are asked during the forum, as well as any presentation material, are all offered as handouts afterwards.

Tune in to Richard’s chat room, and learn all you need to know about #GoingConti.

Click here to register for the upcoming session on 7 September 2021 at 1930 hrs IST


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