The AIPIA Brand Challenge at Smart Packaging Solutions on 19 March

A Brand's Chance to get 15 pitches on Smart Packaging



At the Smart Packaging Solutions for Indian and South Asia, brands will have the first opportunity this year to creating Brand value through high-tech packaging innovation pitches. AIPIA, the Active & Intelligent Packaging Industry is looking to team up with a major Brand Owner to run an Active & Intelligent Packaging Challenge during the upcoming AIPIA Congress and Summits.

WHY: More and more major Brand Owners are recognizing that, with the rapid developments in today’s digital era, packaging has a unique opportunity to play a significant role in enabling and facilitating connected platforms and providing the consumer with increased engagement and increased confidence/loyalty towards products. So they are looking to integrate Active and Intelligent packaging (Smart Packaging) to enhance the consumer experience, provide traceability, enhance safety and/or security, as well as extending shelf-life or reducing waste.

FORMAT: Based on your brief, around 15 companies will make 4-minute pitches to describe how their Smart technologies can benefit your Brand. This takes place in a lively and highly interactive Pitch Session at the heart of the AIPIA Congress or Summit.

HOW: You set the agenda! The Brand Owner briefs the participants well before the event on the products and outcomes they are looking for from Smart Packaging developers. There can be more than one product or group of products, and the concepts can be aimed at a specific campaign or a more sustained Brand evolution.

AIPIA Staff will manage all preparations and (on-site) logistics.

NEXT STEP: Once the Pitches are made at the event you decide which ones you wish to explore further with the individual A&IP developers. All we ask is that, during the congress, you identify a ‘Top Three’ from the Session. How you go forward from there is up to you. But we will keep in touch and hope we can report on any positive outcomes.

So whether its Beverages, Food, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics or Personal Care the focus is on YOUR brand and products!

The benefit to you is that you get a highly efficient and cost-effective way to look at new packaging developments to Add Value to your products and Brand.

All we ask is for full visibility for the Challenge within the AIPIA Congress and pre-publicity, as well as the presence of at least 3 of your packaging/marketing staff on the Management level as jury. We do ask for registration at the congress.

Previous successful Brand Challenges have involved Heineken, PepsiCo, Bayer, Mondelez, Abbott, GSK, and Coca-Cola. Your company and product(s) take Centre Stage at the congress. Contact AIPIA:


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