Toppan develops film-type Virusweeper packaging

Flexible & carton packs with antiviral & antibacterial functions

Toppan Virusweeper
SIAA certification marks for film-type Virusweeper™ packaging ©Toppan Printing Co., Ltd.

At the TokyoPack exhibition in February 2021, Toppan showed its newly developed film-type Virusweeper packaging with antiviral and antibacterial functions. The new film packaging is an addition to Toppan’s ‘Smart Live-Value Packaging’ lineup, which is part of the Toppan S-Value Packaging range that includes its societal goals for modern lifestyles. Samples of the Virusweeper film packaging will be available from March, with the launch of sales scheduled for April.

The Covid-19 pandemic has prompted an increase in safety and hygiene awareness among consumers and propelled the demand for contactless environments and products offering antiviral action. In response to these needs, Toppan took advantage of its unique printing and coating expertise to first add antiviral functionality to printed décor materials. It subsequently applied the treatment technique to packaging, announcing Japan’s first paper-based carton packaging capable of reducing the presence of virus particles on surfaces in October last year. Toppan has now enhanced the Virusweeper series’s lineup by establishing technology for adding both antiviral and antibacterial performance to film packaging.

Certification for antibacterial and antiviral activity

Flexible packaging and folding cartons treated to reduce virus particles’ presence on surfaces significantly have received third-party certification for antimicrobial effect. Virusweeper packaging inhibits the growth of certain viruses and bacteria and substantially reduces their numbers on surfaces. The action of both the film and carton types of Virusweeper has been verified by measurement in line with ISO 21702 for antiviral activity and ISO 22196 for antibacterial activity on plastics and non-porous surfaces. And the packaging has been certified by Japan’s Society of International sustaining growth for Antimicrobial Articles (SIAA) for its antiviral and antibacterial performance. The packaging also conforms to Japan’s specifications and standards for foods and food additives.

SIAA certification Toppan Virusweeper
SIAA certification marks for film-type Virusweeper™ packaging
©Toppan Printing Co., Ltd.

Treatment requires no change to the manufacturing process because an antiviral agent is added to an existing varnish, and Toppan’s technologies make it possible to add antiviral and antibacterial functionality while maintaining the scratch resistance of existing packages. Film-type Virusweeper™, on sale from April, is ideal for flexible packaging, such as stand-up and pillow pouches, while the already available paper-based version can be used for color and decorative folding cartons.

“Virusweeper packaging meets pertinent needs for greater levels of hygiene and reassurance in our daily lives,” said Ikuno Shimeno, general manager of Development Strategy in Toppan’s Packaging Solutions business. “Toppan will continue to drive functionality for package products and expand solutions with antiviral functions to markets such as food and fast-moving consumer goods, while also developing a wide array of other products offering antiviral and antibacterial performance.”

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