Bharat Biotech collaborates with ExcellGene & Sydney varsity

Efforts to develop variant-proof Covid-19 vaccine

Bharat Biotech
Photo Fusion Medical Animation on Unsplash

The Hindu Business Line has reported that Bharat Biotech has partnered with ExcellGene & University of Sydney to synthesize a variant-proof Covid-19 vaccine. ExcellGene, a big name for R&D based manufacturing for the biopharmaceutical industry, will supply complex chimeric spike antigens through its cell-based technology CHOExpress. CHO cells, procured from the ovaries of the Chinese hamster, are used in biological and medical research and commercial production of therapeutic proteins.

A team from ExcellGene & University of Sydney will screen a huge, variegated library of chimeric spike proteins to identify cross-reactive antigen structure that recall past and future variants of Coronavirus according to a press release. This research will eventually contribute towards the development of variant-proof Covid-19 vaccine for immunization of the world’s population against possible future variants of Covid-19.

The project is being funded by the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations. Bharat Biotech will undertake mass commercial manufacture of the variant-proof Covid-19 vaccine, thus produced.


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