Interview — Suresh and Shakher Garg, Zeon Lifesciences

Zeon Lifesciences at Fi Hi India 2021

Vinod Sharma, executive director (left), Shakher Garg, director operations (middle) and Suresh Garg, managing director (right), Zeon Lifesciences. Photo HTP

Zeon Lifesciences is an India-based manufacturing company (nutraceutical, ayurvedic, immunity booster, phytopharma, medical nutrition, sports nutrition and health and wellness products, immunity booster products and food ingredients), established in 1987. The manufacturing unit of Zeon is in Paonta Sahib, Himachal Pradesh (a prominent place for Himalayan landscapes and hill stations), and its corporate and marketing office is in Noida, 50 km away from Delhi.

At Fi Hi India 2021 at Pragati Maidan, Delhi, HTP Correspondent Girish Anshul visited Zeon Lifesciences at their stand to interview Suresh Garg, managing director, Zeon, and Shakher Garg, director of operations, Zeon.

Health Tek Pak – How do you feel about Fi Hi India 2021?

Suresh Garg – Attending the Fi Hi India expo always gives a great feeling. This year we were waiting for Fi Hi because of a long break after the Covid-19 outbreak. We were not expecting this expo will schedule, but we are here, attending the show in 2021, giving us relief, and we are very excited to be here.

Health Tek Pak – The Fi Hi India is a hybrid. What is your expectation from the visitors?

Suresh Garg – We were expecting visitors to come in a vast number, but Covid-19 put a break. Now, only those visitors are coming who have a meaningful meeting with the exhibitors. This show is also virtual, so we are hoping we cover a significant number of visitors virtually. 

Health Tek Pak – Tell our viewers about your company products?

Zeon Lifesciences products

Suresh Garg – Zeon Lifesciences manufacture healthcare, wellness, fitness, medical nutrition products. We also have liquid doses, tablets, capsules, nutritious diskettes, and manufacturing powders by a separate line and dry blending methods.

Health Tek Pak – What do you think about the FSSAI rules and regulations. Are they behind or doing well in the industry?

Suresh Garg – FSSAI rules and regulations as concerned they are doing a lot towards the safety system in our industry, coming out with new rules and ideas things are improving. The industry people are taking an interest as the Indian government is seeking to improve things. Somehow, frequent changes in rules and regulations are not good because the industries are getting confused about over and over changes in laws and regulations. 

Health Tek Pak – In this industry, many behemoths are competing. So, what are your USP’s which makes your products identical?  

Suresh Garg – Our unique and innovative ideas are keeping us a step ahead of the others. Our research and development team continuously research products that are not readily available to make them available for the customer. We are using hi-tech machines which reduces the cost and improve the quality of the product.

Health Tek Pak – What precautions and changes are you seeking in your plant after the pandemic?

Shakher Garg – After the pandemic, the first thing that has been introduced is ‘fit-checks,’ from the gate-in to gate-out. Observe every protocol available in the book across the table to ensure no contamination inside the plants. As we are in the food industry, we are neutraceuticals, mainly for the prevention of diseases. The best thing about our company is that every employee is 100% vaccinated.

Health Tek Pak – What are your future goals and prospects for the company?

Suresh Garg and Shakher Garg – Day-to-day operational duties required to manage a firm that contributes to scalability and business growth. Employee and management performance, productivity, profitability, innovation, market share, and social responsibility are all examples of critical organisational goals. 

Shakher Garg adds a message for the public in general and gives a sincere thanks for the kind of support they are providing to the products of Zeon and should go for consumption of these products because they are for the prevention of diseases rather than curing diseases. We believe in prevention better than cure.



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